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Real Moms Reveal What Spiced Up Their Sex Lives

  • Ban Sex

    "Withholding sex creates desire," says April Mansini, author of "Date Like A Man." You read that right. Go on strike! But wait, ladies, it's not what you think.

    "My husband and I designated an entire month to oral only. It made us want each other even more because regular penetration was off the table. When the month ended, we couldn't wait to do it," says Lauren, 31.

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  • Make It An, Er, Movie Night

    Instead of a romantic comedy, watch something out of your comfort zone.

    "I asked my husband if he wanted to cuddle up with the iPad and watch a movie on Netflix with me. When he joined me in bed, he was surprised to see a porn movie in full swing. Now whenever I ask him if he wants to watch a movie with me, he starts sweating. It's a great [precursor] to hotter sex," says Janelle, 29.

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  • Go To Bed In The Buff

    If you think expensive lingerie is the way to his heart and all his other parts, think again.

    "One night I skipped my baggy PJs and hopped into bed naked. When my husband pulled up the covers to get in, he was excited to see I was nude," says Kate, 38.

    Bravo, says Mansini: "A good sex life requires you to get to know your partner and to figure out what they do and don't like. Some men love naked women. Others love partially clothed women because it's more mysterious. The idea that this mom gave her man a surprise that excited him is the most important step to better sex."

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  • Sit For Shower Sex

    "When we redid our master bathroom, we put a bench area in the shower," says Renee, 36. "Shower sex is so much better when you don't have to twist and contort your body like a circus performer, and I never have to worry about slipping."

    She says if a renovation isn't in the cards for your family, pull a chair into the tub or pick up a portable shower bench.

  • Switch Up The Order

    Nothing is more predictable than date night when you're a tired, overworked parent: Dinner, drinks, sex and CRASH. Try this game-changer: "My husband and I were pumped for a date night at our favorite tapas bar, but before we headed out to eat, I [pleasured him] in the bathroom while he was shaving," says Dylan, 34. "Over dinner and wine, I explained that was only a preview and he had dessert to look forward to after the meal. We couldn't get home fast enough!"

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  • Read To Him

    "Men have a tendency to be visual, so women should try reading erotica to their husbands," Mansini suggests. "It introduces a new, sexy librarian persona to the bedroom."

    Kelly, 34, agrees: "My husband came into our bedroom when I was reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' and when he asked what I was up to, I started to read aloud to him." She says it was the ultimate foreplay.