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"World's Toughest Job" Ad Goes Viral

Would you apply for a job that includes requirements such as "unlimited patience," "work mostly standing up and/or bending down" and "must be able to work 135+ hours a week" among several other criteria? Oh, and that's forgetting the real kicker—the salary is $0.

This was a fictitious but real-looking job listing created by the Boston-based advertising agency Mullen for a client. The 24 individuals who responded were interviewed on webcam. Watch the video to see their reactions and discover what the job really is!

When you see the job requirements set in a professional interview, it makes you want to give your parents a hug, card, flowers and a giant high-five. Here's to you moms, dads, caregivers and working and stay-at-home parents alike; you all have the world's toughest job—thanks, Mom! As we approach holidays like Mother's Day (Sunday, May 11), Father's Day (Sunday, June 15) and Grandparents' Day (Sunday, Sept. 7) remember to thank the people that raised you, whoever they may be.