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Helpful Parenting Products

  • Reach for the stars (or the sink)

    When kids start using the bathroom and want the autonomy to wash their own hands, the Aqueduck handle extender from Peachy lets them do just that. Giving kids the ability to easily turn the water on and off eliminates the need for them to lean on the slippery sink and gives them the "I did it myself!" feeling, which they'll love. You can also pair it with Peachy's faucet extender to make the whole process easier. ($25 for handle and faucet extender bundle)

  • Zip it up

    If you've reminded your kids ad nauseam to make their beds, the Zipit Bedding System is your kind of product. Bedding that zips up like a sleeping bag will turn this dreaded daily task into something kids will look forward to. With sheets and a comforter combined into one machine-washable unit, Zipit makes the bed go from messy to neat in a snap, and a zip. ($70 for twin size; $80 for full)

  • Freeing feedings

    When you're traveling with a baby, washing and drying bottles constantly is a chore. Steri-Bottles are one-time-use bottles that make on-the-go feedings super-easy. Just drink and dispose. They're also 100 percent recyclable and BPA-free, so parents can rest assured that their babies are being fed from totally clean and safe bottles. ($11 for a 10-count pack)

  • Twist and shake

    When your baby is on formula, carrying both a bottle and a separate container for dry formula can take up precious space in your diaper bag, which is already filled to the brim. Bouche Baby is a nifty bottle with a base attachment for the powder. When baby is ready to eat, simply twist and shake for seamless feedings. It also comes with a sippy cup attachment for use beyond the first year. ($18 for 5-ounce bottle; $20 for 9-ounce bottle)

  • Put it in a pouch

    Baby food that comes in pouches makes meals more convenient, if not terribly environmentally friendly. If you want the ease of a pouch with a sustainable twist, check out EZ Squeezees. They are BPA- and phthalate-free baby food pouches that you can fill yourself with homemade purees and reuse 25 times, which makes them a lot more economical than store-bought foods. ($7 for a 3-pack; $20 for a 9-pack)

  • Creativity in a box

    Want to keep kids' creative juices flowing with arts and crafts but don't have time to run to the store for supplies? The Happy Trunk is a subscription service that delivers arts and crafts or science project supplies to your door every month. The activity boxes are for kids ages 3-7 or 8-11 and provide two to three fun projects per box. (various subscription packages offered; $59 for three months)

  • Anywhere high chair

    For all the times you're out and about with your baby and need a place to put her so she can eat or play, the Ciao! Baby portable high chair is a perfect solution. Similar to the foldable chairs you use yourself for outdoor activities, this high chair can be used in restaurants, at picnics, at sporting events or at Grandma's house. It can be used for children up to age 3 and comes with a safety belt and built-in cup holder. ($68)

  • Like peas in a pod

    Speaking of out and about, what about a place for your little tyke to sleep or play? The PeaPod Plus provides a more streamlined version of the heavy pack-and-play. With a soft, padded layer and zippable windows for maximum air flow, PeaPod is a great traveling companion because it folds up compactly and comes with a handy carrying case you can throw over your shoulder. ($100)

  • Safety prevails

    The ChildMinder SoftClip is a just-in-case safety device that gives parents reassurance that they'll never leave a child unattended in a car seat. One device attaches to the car seat strap, and a second attaches to the parent's keychain. An alarm sounds when the two units are separated by more than 15 feet for more than eight seconds. The SoftClip is unobtrusive and doesn't get in the way of the harness. It performs self-tests regularly to ensure it's working. ($80)

  • A Keurig for babies

    With a design similar to what Keurig does for making coffee, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro makes warm, pre-mixed formula for you at the touch of a button. It does all the work for you—no more warming water or measuring out formula, which can be much more difficult than it seems at 2 a.m. This is one of those gadgets that will make you wonder how you lived without it. ($149 standard or $179 for limited-edition colors)