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Mini Hug App Helps Parents Track Time Spent with Kids

From Mini Hug

A new mobile-based app, created by a 7-year-old and her father, allows parents to keep track and measure the amount of quality time they spend with their children.

Mini Hug was founded in 2009 by Erwan Macé, CEO of Singapore-based mobile application developer Bitsmedia, and his daughter Lea because they wanted to spend more time together.

"The main concept, as well as the name, was entirely my daughter's, and I then empowered her to take the idea to an actual app, which we designed together and which I coded for her," Macé says.

Users can add activities and the length of each activity that they have spent with their children. The options are endless, and Macé believes that this is a good app for parents who are busy or having trouble juggling their work and home lives.

"People are always so busy nowadays that they might not even have time for those who should be their No. 1 priority: their children!" he says. "Mini Hug was created to help parents keep a log of how much time they spend as well as what activities they engage in with their children."

Parents can track time spent cooking, doing homework, playing a game or even swimming with their children on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Points are accumulated for each activity, and parents can even challenge friends through the app's leaderboard.

"I work from home most of the time, and with both her parents at home, our daughter was hoping to help her friends and other kids enjoy the same kind of privileged time she gets to spend with us," Macé says. "My hope is that this app will encourage parents to spend as much time as they can with their little ones!"

Mini Hug is available for free on iOS and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.