Most Unusual Picks in the Top 1000 U.S. Names

by Editors

Most Unusual Picks in the Top 1000 U.S. Names

That’s popular?! If you’re looking for uncommon and unique baby names for your little one, you’ve come to the right place. These are the most creative, unusual, and rare names from the top 1000 boys’ and girls’ names in the U.S. With names like Itzel, America, Bethzy, Brooklynn, Jaxson, Xander, Miracle, Neveah, and more, this list is sure to give you plenty of ideas.





Alexus Girl
America Girl Teutonic
Araceli Girl Spanish
Bethzy Girl American
Braylon Boy
Brooklynn Girl
Damaris Girl Greek
Diamond Girl Latin
Draven Boy American
Dulce Girl Latin
Ezequiel Boy
Gauge Boy
Genesis Girl Latin
Hamza Boy Arabic
Harmony Girl Latin
Heaven Girl English
Isis Girl Egyptian
Itzel Girl Native American
Jamarion Boy American
Jaxson Boy
Jett Boy English
Lizeth Girl French
Maverick Boy American
Messiah Boy Hebrew
Miracle Girl Latin
Monserrat Boy
Nevaeh Girl American
Omarion Boy Arabic
Orion Boy Greek
Patience Girl English
Phoenix Girl
Precious Girl English
Semaj Boy American
Serenity Girl Latin
Sincere Girl English
Talon Boy
Xander Boy Greek
Xzavier Boy
Yandel Boy Spanish, English