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Baby Showers

Looking for the perfect baby shower games to play at your party? We've got them here, along with any other baby shower ideas you need, from themes and decorations to cakes and gifts.

Baby Shower Gifts

Perfect for a baby nursery decoration or shower gift, these... more
10 best baby shower gifts
Expecting parents are sure to be overwhelmed by the arrival of a... more
I can pick colors and themes for a nursery. I can pick blankets... more
Find out our top 10 in each category ... more
Custom made diaper cakes and super-soft hooded towels make for... more
best baby shower gifts
Parents never can have enough diapers, and baby clothes are... more
Think outside of the big-box store when choosing an eco-friendly... more
Diaper cakes (diapers stacked together to resemble a cake) are... more

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Try baby shower ideas that celebrate what makes mama-to-be so special ... more
Warm the mom-to-be's heart with these festive and fun winter baby shower ideas ... more
Baby sprinkles are a newer trend—so new that the etiquette is still a little unclear. Some people wonder why moms need another party when they had a baby shower for their first baby, so we'll clear it up for you. ... more
Ditch the pastels at your fall baby shower and use the colors of the season to celebrate an autumn baby's arrival. ... more
If a loved one is having a baby around Halloween, veer off the traditional baby shower course and use these tricks to treat her to a Halloween-themed baby shower she will never forget. ... more
A "Sip and See" is an open house-style party held sometime in the first nine weeks after a baby arrives. Family and friends get the chance to meet the new baby ("see") while they nibble on lighter fare and enjoy a few... more

Baby Shower Cake How-Tos

Use store-bought pound cake and fruit chews to make these Baby... more
Use Fruit by the Foot and a doughnut to make this sweet Pacifier... more
Use a 9" x 13" cake and colored frosting to make this... more
Use marshmallows and skittles to create this bright Flower... more
Use 8" cakes and colored candies to make this chic Diaper... more
Use nonpareils and yellow fruit chews to make this ruffled bib... more
Use fruit chews and an ice cream cone to create a storybook-... more
Use jelly beans and rolled-out fruit chews to create this Birth... more
Use store-bought pound cake and mini marshmallows to create... more
Use these Baby Bottle and Bear Cookies in the Diaper Bag baby... more
Use spice drops and a 9" round cake to create this cute... more
Use almond toasts and a doughnut to create this beautiful... more
Use tinted frosting and different colored candies to create... more
Use wafer cookies and cornflakes to make this Cabbage Patch Cake... more
Use spice drops and jelly beans to create this gorgeous Rattle... more
Use tootsie rolls and spice drops to create this Cigar Box Cake... more
Use candy decors and Jordan almonds to make this adorable Teddy... more
Use graham crackers and fruit chews to make these sweet Peas in... more
Use Fruit by the Foot and jelly beans to make this cute Umbrella... more
Use flaked coconut and and ice cream cone to create this Stork... more
Use toasted coconut and Jordan almonds to create Bird's Nest... more
Make a baby shower extra-special with one of these beautiful (... more
Use marshmallows and Yodels to create this adorable Lamb cake. ... more
Use a loaf cake and circus peanuts to make this super-cute duck... more
Use coconut and marshmallow halves to make these cute Bunny Face... more
Makes 4 dozen cake balls Ingredients 1 (18.25-ounce)... more
Use doughnuts and a 9-inch round cake to make this elegant Baby... more
Use spice drops and decorating sugar to create this beautiful... more