The 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Moms-to-Be in 2020

by Kate Kurka

The 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Moms-to-Be in 2020
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Expecting parents are sure to be overwhelmed by the arrival of a new family member and all the stuff that they need to buy to welcome their new arrival. It’s easy to get stressed, but there are a few tried and true items that every expectant parent needs that make some of the best baby shower gifts.


Help ease some of the anxiety of prepping for a new baby with our selection of the 10 best baby shower gifts you can shop online in 2020. From practical car seats to precious swaddles, and from sleep-inducing white noise machines to essential diapers, these unique gifts are sure to be a hit with moms to be.


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Baby Shower Gift #1



It might seem obvious but diapers are one of the best baby shower gifts, whether it’s the expecting parents' fourth kid or first. Ask any parent if they had any idea how many diapers they would go through in the first year, and more than likely they will say they were not prepared for just how many it was. Don’t be afraid to give a gift that might seem obvious; practicality is appreciated in the first year.

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Baby Shower Gift #2

Car Seat, Nursing and Shopping Cart Cover


A car seat cover is a necessity for little babies who are sensitive to light and weather. It keeps baby warm and cozy and makes it easier to nap or relax on the go. This adorable car seat cover also doubles as a shopping cart cover when baby gets older to prevent direct contact with less-than-sterile cart seats. And that’s not it—this can triple as a nursing cover, making it one of the best baby shower gift ideas.

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Baby Shower Gift #3

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 SmartConnect Cradle 'n Swing


The Fisher-Price 4-in-1 SmartConnect Cradle 'n Swing can be an absolute lifesaver for a parent with a fussy baby. It allows the baby to sit up to reduce reflux and colic while providing a soothing rocking motion. The design of this rocker makes it the perfect size for a newborn, and the size makes the rocker incredibly easy to move, whether it’s around the house or around the country. Although many parents have made the decision to replace a classic bassinet with this rocker, we recommend supervised use only, as many experts consider it unsafe for sleeping.

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Baby Shower Gift #4



A sleepsack is a must for a new baby, especially in areas with harsh winters. The design of a sleepsack allows babies to stay warm through the night but does not have the same hazards as loose blankets in a crib can have. The sleeveless design of the Halo Sleepsack keeps your baby warm through the night without the worry of them overheating and the bottom-zip design makes diaper changes easy. Trusted by doctors and hospitals all around the country this sleepsack is among the best baby shower presents.

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Baby Shower Gift #5

Sound Machine


A sound machine can be like a magic wand for a baby that has trouble sleeping, which is why it’s up there with the very best baby shower gifts. The soothing noises help babies fall asleep and stay asleep. The Marpac sound machine is special because it doesn’t interfere with your baby monitor and other electronics, so everyone in the house can sleep soundly.

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Baby Shower Gift #6

Bumbo Booster Seat


The Bumbo 3-in-1 Seat is perfect for a new baby. What makes it different from other booster seats is the unique design that allows it to grow with the baby. This 3-in-1 seat can be used on the floor, as a feeding seat, or as a booster depending on your needs and your child’s. The thing we love most about Bumbo products? A portion of proceeds are donated worldwide to children in need.

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Baby Shower Gift #7

Car Seat


A car seat is a must to bring a new baby safely home from the hospital, yet so many times it gets forgotten about in all the frenzy of getting ready for the baby. To make sure a new parent is ready as soon as they get to the hospital, gift an infant car seat.

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Baby Shower Gift #8

Boba Wrap


Wraps such as this one from Boba are becoming more popular among parents not only for the hands-free convenience they provide but also because of the many benefits baby wearing comes with. A quality wrap or sling is a high-priority item for any new parent and makes a good baby shower gift, and this is the number one best-seller in Amazon's Child Carrier Slings category.

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Baby Shower Gift #9

Baby Blanket Set


Nothing says welcome home better than a nice warm blanket. The Tula blanket is a generous enough size to use for swaddling, tummy time and everything in between. The lightweight and breathable fabric of this blanket allows babies to sleep easily and without overheating. This three-pack is a great newborn gift idea.

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Baby Shower Gift #10



Function, meet style, with this portable pillow that looks elegant enough to actually leave it anywhere in the house. The DockATot’s design allows it to be the perfect place for babies up to 8 months old to rest, play, and have a quick diaper change. The DockATot is a top baby shower gift that's sure to be a necessity for any new parent with is multi-functionality and patterns that will match any home decor.