Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Baby Shower Ideas

by Kelly Sundstrom

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Baby Shower Ideas

Warm the mom-to-be’s heart with these festive and fun winter baby shower ideas.


Make Simple but Elegant Invitations


Sometimes the best baby shower ideas can also be the least expensive. Put together your own winter themed baby shower invitations using decorative scrapbooking supplies. Look for card stock and accent papers in winter colors: cool shades of blue, purple, gray and white. To create a more luxurious look, start by gluing solid accent paper on top of patterned card stock using spray adhesive and attaching a strip of velvet or satin ribbon across the top or down one side. Write the information about the baby shower on the accent paper using a glittery or metallic paint pen. After everything has dried, finish the invitations by using rubber stamps and stickers that feature snowflakes, icicles and stars to complete the look. Make your baby shower gift as special as the invites with these “Unique Baby Shower Gifts” ideas.


Serve Tummy Warming Yummies


When the weather outside is frightful, help your guest of honor weather her winter pregnancy by serving foods that are hearty and warming. Avoid the traditional cold finger foods, like the standby vegetable tray and fruit bowl, and instead go with warmer fare, such as banana nut muffins, pigs in a blanket and mini quiches. If your guest list has grown as large as the guest of honor’s belly, consider serving a hearty stew or soup with a crusty bread and finishing it off with a peach cobbler fresh from the oven. Make a large batch of hot apple cider or hot chocolate that guests can serve themselves from a crock pot or soup tureen. You can even place small bowls next to the tureen that contain sprinkles, chips and marshmallows to go on top.


Create a Winter Wonderland


If you know ahead of time that your shower will happen in January, February or March, buy your baby shower decorations after Christmas when you can find everything on clearance. Since many holiday items feature snowy scenes, they can work perfectly for a winter baby shower too. You will have no trouble finding things like tablecloths, napkins, candle sticks, garland and balloons in the right colors and on theme. Don’t forget to pick out baby shower decorations that match your other decor. For example, hang up a banner with silver or gold baby feet instead of using pastels, and fill vases with white and clear pacifiers instead of flowers for an elegant yet light-hearted touch.


Have Fun in a Flurry


Every new mother needs a little advice to help her get started. A fun way to gain the wisdom of the seasoned mamas at the party is to have each guest write her best parenting advice on a precut snowflake and then place each snowflake inside of a decorative box. The mama-to-be can then take out each snowflake and read it aloud to the group. While some of the advice will sound serious and meaningful, you’re sure to hear other advice that will get the crowd laughing. You can also play the “Don’t Say Baby” game with a winter twist by having all the guests wear a snowflake pin, and if someone says “baby” and gets caught, she will have to give her snowflake to the person who caught her. The guest with the most snowflakes at the end of the shower can win a festive shower prize, like a scented candle or a pair of fuzzy socks. For more ideas, download and print our free baby shower games here.