The Best Baby Shower Gifts

by Kate Kurka

The Best Baby Shower Gifts
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Parents never can have enough diapers, and baby clothes are always appreciated, but what do parents really want to receive at their baby shower? editors rounded up real parents’ favorite baby shower gifts that they actually want—and need!


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Wildbird Baby Carrier


The Wildbird Baby Carrier is an essential for any new parent. This mom-approved baby carrier is made of a soft linen fabric that is supportive while still providing stretch, so you can carry your little bundle from infancy up to 35 pounds. Not to mention the Wildbird Baby Carrier can be worn many different ways so parents can find the best fit for them and baby.

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Baby Mobile


Treat new parents to something special to hang in their baby’s nursery with this handmade mobile. Mobiles add the finishing touch to the nursery by tying together decor and making the space feel even cozier. Parenting tip: Try hanging the mobile above the changing table instead of the crib. It will help keep baby occupied during diaper changes.

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Give Lovely Gift Box


This is more than your average gift box. A Give Lovely gift box is specially curated with high-quality products for both mom and baby. Whether you choose to gift a box with preselected items or you’d like to create your own box, Give Lovely has something that will please everyone.

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CamelBak Water Bottle


If a new mom chooses to breastfeed her child, she’ll need to drink more water than usual. Veteran moms suggest gifting a water bottle for the baby shower, especially one that is easy to drink from with one hand so mama can quench her thirst while feeding her baby.

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Fridababy Snotsucker

Price:$16.00 editors turned to Instagram to find out what readers like to give to new moms. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for the best baby shower gift, the Fridababy was one of the products that came up over and over again. The Fridababy is designed to protect baby’s nasal passage when they need their stuffy nose cleared. The idea of sucking snot out of your little one’s nose might not be the most appealing, but the disposable hygiene filter also protects parents from the transfer of germs

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LouLou Lollipop Teether


This isn’t your average teether—no wonder it’s one of Joanna Gaines’ must-haves for a baby and was recently added to Magnolia’s baby shop. The food-grade silicone and natural wood materials are not only safe for babies to teethe on, but they also make for a stylish baby shower gift. Not to mention the wooden rings on this teether double as a rattler that will delight any babe.

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RealEats Subscription


One of the best baby shower gifts you can give to a new parent is time. Minimize the time they’ll need to spend grocery shopping or cooking by gifting them a subscription to a meal service kit. RealEats delivers chef-cooked, nutritious meals right to the door. (Maintaining a balanced diet is also important for a new parent—especially if Mom is choosing to nurse her baby.) No cooking, baking, or preparing needed. All parents have to do is heat the food in boiling water for a few minutes and bon appétit!

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Hulu Subscription


If you find yourself racking your brain for a unique gift idea, try a subscription to a streaming service such as Hulu. A new mama can sneak a few minutes of downtime while feeding her baby and catch up on her newest TV obsession or watch an old favorite!

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Boppy Nursing Pillow


The Boppy Nursing Pillow is an unexpected essential for many new parents. It perfectly positions baby during bottle feedings and nursing so parents and baby can relax and get comfortable. From nursing to tummy time to helping baby sit up, the Boppy pillow can be used for developmental stages as well.

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ezpz Mini Bowl


Parents love receiving baby shower gifts that can be used when their newborn gets a little older. The ezpz Mini Bowl is perfect for when baby starts to eat solid foods. The ideal size for small tummies, this bowl can be used for full portions during baby’s first year and can even be used into the toddler years as a snack bowl. Plus, the silicone material is easy to clean, safe to eat from, and suctions right to the table for minimal mess cleanup.