Baby Shower Gifts for the Eco Mama

by Kelly Sundstrom

Baby Shower Gifts for the Eco Mama

Think outside of the big-box store when choosing an eco-friendly gift

Does this sound familiar? You walk into one of those big-box baby superstores to look for baby shower gift ideas for the environmentally friendly mama-to-be in your life, but you are quickly stopped in your tracks. Shelf after shelf, aisle after aisle are filled with products that would make her organic-food-filled stomach turn. Even if you have a wish list to guide you, picking out a baby shower gift that will help care for her baby and not hurt the environment can be tricky. Try thinking outside of the big-box store and choosing a gift that the expectant mom may not have considered.

Gift certificates for mama
Most guests at a baby shower end up getting presents for the new baby, but the new mom can benefit from a little pampering. With all the hard work ahead of her, give your pregnant friend a gift certificate that she can use after she delivers the baby. Choose something that will truly pamper her, like a relaxing massage that will soothe her tired muscles or a haircut and color at her favorite salon to help her feel beautiful after all of those sleepless nights. If you have a limited budget, consider offering a night of babysitting or a dinner for two that you would prepare for the new parents.

All-in-one cloth diapers
Cloth diapers have come a long way since the flat, rectangular nappies and pins that your grandma used to use. In fact, using modern cloth diapers can almost seem as easy as disposables. In the last 20 years, a cloth-diaper renaissance has occurred, and the result has been the availability of the most innovative, versatile and beautifully designed cloth diapers the world has ever seen. Many types of cloth diapers are on the market, but many consider all-in-one cloth diapers the best. This cleverly constructed diaper features a removable, absorbent terrycloth or microfleece liner that snaps into a fleece diaper covered by a protective outer shell. New parents can adjust the size of the diaper by adjusting the snaps on the front, which lets the diaper grow with their baby and saves a lot of money buying replacements. All-in-one diapers can cost a little more than other diapers on the market, but if you pick out two or three for the mom-to-be, they will surely win her eco-friendly approval.

Natural baby lotions and shampoos
Nothing feels more delicate and fragile than a new baby's skin, but many baby skin-care products on the market actually contain chemical ingredients created in a laboratory instead of in nature. New parents may not want to spend a lot of money on high-end, natural baby lotions and shampoos that only contain natural ingredients and pure essential oils. You can treat them by filling a basket with natural baby skin- and hair-care products to make their first few weeks pure and chemical-free. You can even throw in a few baby washcloths, a towel and a tiny comb to create a beautiful baby spa gift set.

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