Baby Shower Ideas: Honoring the Mommy-to-Be

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Baby Shower Ideas: Honoring the Mommy-to-Be

Try baby shower ideas that celebrate what makes mama-to-be so special

How would you feel about some baby shower ideas that don’t feature baby zoo animals, baby shoes or pastel colors? In fact, how about some ideas that don’t highlight baby stuff at all? We know, we know; everyone is excited for baby. But, let us not forget that mommy is doing all the hard work, growing a little human and all. Here are a few ideas to celebrate the woman of the hour, before she becomes forever known as “Hudson’s Mommy” or “Zoe’s Mom.”

Feed Her Pregnancy Cravings

This shower is perfect for the foodie, for a mom that has had some fun cravings the past few months, or for someone who is looking for a unique shower idea. Invitations can feature pictures of or be in the shape of her pregnancy cravings. Serve a buffet full of mommy’s favorites, and don’t be afraid if the food combinations aren’t exactly picture perfect. Guests will love eating fried chicken and taco dip, and it gives them special insight into the honoree’s pregnancy. Favors can be small pints of ice cream, packs of napkins wrapped with pretty bows or even personalized spoons like these.

Share Her College Pride

Honor mama’s alma mater or favorite college team with a college-themed shower. This idea is especially fun if mommy and daddy met at college. Decorations and invitations are easy to put together, simply use the college’s colors and mascot. Encourage guests to wear college apparel; although it won’t take much convincing to get them to ditch the traditional shower dress for comfy jeans and a T-shirt. Food can be based on favorites from her college town. You’ll get bonus points if you cater in directly from mommy’s favorite restaurants when she was in school.

Hometown Shower

If the guest of honor has a particular fondness for her city, why not play it up for her shower? A Chicago-themed shower can include deep dish pizzas and favors of the “El” train. New York City can be celebrated with a Big Apple theme, complete with NYC ornaments or snowglobes as centerpieces and party favors. Or, perhaps your guest of honor is a small town girl at heart. Serve food from her favorite restaurants, and decorate with photos of the mommy and daddy around town beside well-known landmarks.

Highlight Her Hobby

Chances are, your guest of honor has at least one hobby that she loves. Highlight that passion with a unique shower that guests will love and mommy will appreciate. Is mommy a reader? Throw a book themed shower that features colorful stacks of books for centerpieces and food with fun names like “Cucumber In The Rye” sandwiches. If mom is a knitter, decorate with skeins and balls of yarn, and send guests away with needles and instructions on how to make a scarf.

Kick Back and Relax

Prepping for baby’s arrival can be stressful, so give your guest of honor, and your guests, a moment to relax. Call in a prenatal yoga teacher to lead a brief class for your group, or bring in someone to offer 15 minute chair massages throughout the celebration time. Place cucumber slices beside each place setting for your guests to put on their eyes, and send them away with favors like lavender essential oil or hand cream.

Painting Party

Are you throwing a shower for an artsy mom? Throw a painting party that will keep everyone entertained and maybe even provide decor for baby’s room. Invitations and decorations can feature mason jars or vases full of paintbrushes. Set out paints and have guests express their wishes for baby on canvas. You can either give everyone individual small canvases or have one large canvas for the whole group to work on together. Serve colorful finger foods so that guests can paint and eat while they chat with each other.

A Shower that Gives Back

If your guest of honor is an activist or just has a giving heart, consider throwing a shower that will benefit mom and her charity of choice. Discuss with mom how guests can contribute to the cause. Whether you ask guests to bring diapers for a local emergency shelter or food for a local pantry along with a small gift for baby, your guests will likely love knowing that more than one family is benefiting from the celebration.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Her

If mom-to-be is a movie buff, feature her favorite movie during your event. You can add quotes from the film on the invitations and on the food buffet table. For example, a “Dirty Dancing” shower might include “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” on the invitation and “I carried a watermelon” watermelon skewers on the buffet table. Literally roll out the red carpet and take pictures of your guests as they arrive, paparazzi style. Play games that feature quotes from the movie, and send everyone away with a themed favor.

A Shower for the Worldly Mama

If your guest of honor has a strong wanderlust, consider making her travels the star of the celebration. Serve her favorite ethnic foods and desserts, and decorate with souvenirs and maps from her travels. Read a blessing from one of her favorite destinations, and highlight photos from her travels throughout the room.

Sorority Shower

Go Greek for a true sorority sister. Decorate with her sorority’s colors, and serve drinks and foods that are based around the group’s culture. Pull out photos of your guest of honor in all of her sorority glory and frame them for fun centerpieces that are sure to get guests laughing and talking. Instead of playing a game, have guests decorate onesies with Greek letters, and don’t forget to take a picture of all of the guests from her sorority as a memento.

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