Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

by Editors

Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

These baby shower ideas for twins let you have twice the fun without twice the work.


Double Decor


When decorating for a twin-themed baby shower, showcase the beauty of two. Create a decorative backdrop by placing items around the room in pairs, such as balloons, bows, flowers, candles, booties or bottles. This creates small focal points that easily stay on theme. Finish the look with a few enlarged pictures that represent how twins add oodles of fun to life, such as twin toddlers running through grass, twin animals snuggling next to each other or twin babies smiling in their sleep.


Doubly Delicious Baby Shower Menu


A few cleverly placed food items can transform an ordinary arrangement of party treats into a whimsical and delicious display for a twin baby shower. Your guests will love the “two peas in a pod” dessert: Form green marzipan or modeling chocolate into an open pea pod shape, and place two small truffles inside. Use dollops of pink or blue frosting to create a pacifier on each truffle and add two tiny dots of brown frosting for eyes. For something more savory, pair olives and cheese squares together on toothpicks instead of simply placing them in a bowl. Carve a watermelon into a traditional edible baby carriage, but place two fruit babies into the carriage instead of just one.


Twin Games for Twice the Fun


Create twin-themed fun simply by changing up a few traditional games. For example, step up the diaper race game by timing guests as they diaper two balloons instead of just one. Guests can also race to see how fast they can pair a stack of baby socks or booties. For more ideas, download Parenting’s free, printable baby shower games here.


Twin Tech Gifts


Having twins has never been easier with all the innovative baby items out there! You can get mama-to-be a baby sling engineered for twins, which will allow the new mom to wear her babies at the same time until they are 6 months old. Holding two nursing babies can quickly become exhausting, but you can make the job much easier by getting the new mom a nursing pillow designed for twins. If you and a few friends want to go in together on a larger item, consider a rugged double stroller that mom can use while shopping, walking or hanging out at the park.