Celebrate New Life with Spring Baby Shower Ideas

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Celebrate New Life with Spring Baby Shower Ideas

Use crisp, bright linens and colorful fresh flowers to brighten up your spring-themed baby shower

What better time is there to celebrate new life than spring? Hosting a baby shower with a spring theme is simple when nature has done most of the work for you by setting a beautiful backdrop. To make the event as special as possible, try including some of these spring baby shower ideas to help you honor the new arrival in style.

Spring baby shower decorations

When it comes to decorating a spring-inspired baby shower, everything that symbolizes new life in nature can become part of your party decor to create a springtime wonderland. Think greenery, eggs, birds and lots and lots of flowers! Cover the tables with white or pastel cotton tablecloths, which will give your space a fresh, clean feeling. Pick out colors that feel light and airy, such as pastels, and avoid heavier warm colors that feel more like autumn. Cut fresh tree branches and arrange them in a tall vase for a dynamic centerpiece for the table. If you have a flower garden, decorate the easy way by hosting the shower outdoors near your beautiful blooms. If spring showers keep you indoors, set out vases of fresh blossoms around the room. If you want to incorporate eggs into the baby shower decor, place faux bird's nests on the tables filled with pastel egg candies and chocolates.

Spring-inspired baby shower invitations

To make your own spring-themed baby shower invitations, pick up the following at any crafts supplies store or scrapbooking shop: beautifully designed paper, pastel or white cards, spray adhesive, adhesive foam squares, pastel paint pens and spring-themed stickers (optional). Start with a pastel or white card as a base and attach a flower or leaf on the front using spray adhesive. Cut out a small rectangle or oval, approximately 2 to 3 inches wide, out of the designed paper using pinking shears. After the leaf or flower overlay has dried on the front of the card, attach the rectangle or oval on top of the overlay using an adhesive foam square. This will make the shape stand out. Write the information about the baby shower on the rectangle or oval and the inside of the card using a pastel paint pen. If you like, embellish the inside of the invitation using leaf, egg, bird or flower stickers.

Spring-themed baby shower gift ideas

Give the mama-to-be a few spring-inspired baby shower gifts that she can cherish for a lifetime. During spring planting time, you can find just about any type of potted tree imaginable at your local home improvement store. Give the new parents a tree they can plant in their yard to watch it grow right along with their little one. If the new mom does not have the space to plant a tree, select a beautiful indoor plant that she can place in her home to remind her of the birth of her baby every time she looks at it.

Spring baby shower food options

With farmer's markets opening in spring, you tend to think of fresh fruits and vegetables rather than heavier sweetbreads and pies, so stick with lighter fare for your baby shower. Set out a large platter of diverse vegetables, a giant bowl of fresh fruit, a few types of finger sandwiches and a mini salad bar. If you decide to serve cake, consider baking a lighter style of cake, such as angel food, and top it with powdered sugar or a thin layer of lemon glaze. Serve fresh fruit tea or sparkling juice in clear stemware, and attach a fresh flower onto each glass using green florist's tape.

Spring-inspired baby shower games

With a little tweaking, you can match traditional baby shower games with your spring theme. Play a memory game with a spring twist by placing the names of baby items on little pieces of paper and inserting them into plastic eggs. Each guest will take turns trying to remember which colored egg contains which baby item. Whoever gets the most right wins. You can play the leaky diaper game spring-style by poking tiny holes into large pastel balloons, filling them with water and having guests try to diaper the leaking balloons while blindfolded. Game winners can receive seasonal party favors like certificates for facials or coupons for spray tan sessions at a local spa.