Combine Baby Shower With Nursery Prep

by Julie McCoy

Combine Baby Shower With Nursery Prep

Get out your teacups and paint samples for a decorating baby shower

Some moms-to-be like to take their time comparing swatches and shopping for the perfect accessories while they carefully decorate their nursery. But others may be short on time and ideas and would welcome some help. Why not combine tasks by hosting a baby shower that also doubles as a decorating party to give Mom a head start? And since you don't want hungry helpers, make it fun and sophisticated by serving a classic British tea.

Keep Must-Have Items Close
While you don't want the mom-to-be and her guests to spend the entire day painting, you can help her get organized. If Mom already has a changing table, help her get ready for those wiggly diaper changes by creating a supply station right next to the table that can hold diapers, wipes and ointment. If the table doesn't have drawers, hang up shelves or assemble a bookcase.

Decorating the Crib
Try surprising the mom-to-be with a crib that's totally decorated. This could be as simple as adding a fitted crib sheet with a colorful baby quilt. But if the baby shower guests want to splurge, add a set with a designer bumper, matching crib sheets and baby blanket. Tucking a small stuffed animal in the corner of the crib will elicit a guaranteed smile from Mom!

The "Feeding" Chair
Regardless of whether Mom is nursing or planning to use bottles, she'll need a comfortable place to sit while feeding Baby. Let her decide if she gets a rocker or a stationary chair, but feel free to add a pretty basket next to it that is filled with plenty of burp towels and a couple of pacifiers.

It's Tea Time!
After all the organizing and tidying, it's only proper to offer your baby shower guests refreshments and morsels. Don't let the thought of doing a classic British tea intimidate you. Some simple sandwiches and sweets served with good quality tea will be, as the British say, "Brilliant!" Try making these into tiny sandwich portions:

  • Egg salad with fresh dill on wheat bread
  • Carved turkey on rolls with arugula and cranberry sauce
  • Ham and Swiss cheese on rye with honey mustard

If you're ambitious and love to bake, fill platters with homemade brownies or oatmeal raisin cookies. Otherwise, head over to your favorite bakery and pick up tiny treats like lemon bars, miniature cheesecakes and one-bite apple pies.


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