5 Fall Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate Your Little Pumpkin

by Kelley Crosbie

5 Fall Baby Shower Ideas to Celebrate Your Little Pumpkin
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The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and new episodes are now airing of your favorite TV shows. It can mean only one thing: It’s fall! If your autumn plans include hosting a baby shower, cozy up with that pumpkin spice latte and let’s get planning. From woodland creatures to apple harvests and little pumpkin themes to hints of Halloween and parties that even the most dedicated football fans will enjoy, we’ve got fall baby shower ideas everyone will love.


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Woodland Creatures Baby Shower Invitation


There’s no question that adorable woodland animals lend themselves to babies. They’re cute and sweet and make for great nursery ideas, so it only makes sense that woodland animals also make for excellent fall baby shower themes! Make sure you accent gift tables and food countertops with friendly animal-shaped decorations and add special little touches like pinecones and decorative twigs or branches throughout your woodland baby shower. Have theme-friendly baby shower games as well as finger foods, snacks and treats, such as a tasty trail mix bar, bountiful berry buffet, make-your-own s’mores station and woodland creature cupcakes. But first, tell guests to “Save the Date” with these easily customizable and adorable woodland animals electronic invitations.

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Woodland Creatures Baby Shower Decorations


This 20-piece set of woodland baby shower decorations includes multiple fox, raccoon, deer, and moose prints that can be used as wall decor, in banners or as centerpieces.

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Woodland Creatures Baby Shower Game


Guests will have a great time “stealing” from one another as they play the Lillian Rose Woodland Clothespin Baby Shower Game, which includes instructions to display, as well as 20 cute clothespins for everyone to compete to keep. It’s a must-have for any woodland creatures or autumn baby shower theme.

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Apple Harvest Baby Shower Invitation


An autumn baby shower is a fabulous time for friends and family to gather. Invite guests to take in all the season has to offer by hosting one of the tastiest baby shower ideas for boys or girls: a pint-size Fall Apple Harvest! From caramel apples to hot apple cider to apple pies, there’s no limit to how far you can go with this fall baby shower theme. Baskets and crates make great decorations because they can hold everything from cards and baby gifts to tableware and snacks such as cider doughnuts and pumpkin bars. Don’t forget to splurge on some bright green and red apples, as well as seasonal flowers. Money-saving tip: Before you buy new bins, ask around to see if you can borrow any. Add a bit of rustic to your displays with twine, clothespins and construction paper to create banners that spell out “gifts" and” “food.” But first, get things started by sending out these unique baby shower invitations, which give guests an instant sense of what they can expect when they come to celebrate.

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Apple Harvest Card Box Sign


Create a card table to remember with this rustic card box sign, which turns any ordinary crate into one of our favorite baby shower centerpiece ideas. The set includes cutouts that spell out the word “CARDS,” as well as twine and clothespins for easy assembly.

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Apple Harvest Caramel Apple Sticks


Fall baby shower ideas come with a lot of fun (and tasty) finishing touches to consider, like caramel apples. They’re a fan favorite whether you’re a young child or grown adult. Serve them at your Fall Apple Harvest baby shower with Wilton's 12-piece set of caramel apple sticks, which resemble tree branches but can also double as a “witch’s broomstick.”

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Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation


A Little Pumpkin is on the way, and it’s time to celebrate! Pick up a few pumpkins in various sizes to use as décor. This is one of our favorite baby shower ideas for girls or boys, because you can either leave them “as is” for fall-themed colors or paint them pastel pink or baby blue. Include appropriately themed baby shower games like baby bingo and wishes or advice cards, and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy ice-breaker for guests. Then all you need to do is fill up the house with some sweet-smelling beverages and pumpkin bars, and you’ve prepared the perfect Little Pumpkin fall baby shower. These “Welcome Little Pumpkin” electronic invitations are an ideal way to get the party started.

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Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Games Package


Fall baby shower ideas like this downloadable package add fun for guests of all ages. It includes baby shower bingo, wishes for baby, what’s in your purse, shower libs and an advice card for the parents-to-be.

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Little Pumpkin Shower Beverage Dispenser


Pumpkin spice iced lattes, chilled orange juice, red or white wine, sweet-smelling cold ciders — you can serve it all in the American Atelier Chalkboard Beverage Dispenser set, which includes two glass containers for cold beverages (steer clear of hot) and a chalkboard tag to ID what’s inside. The convenient stand displays beautifully on your countertop, which makes it one of our favorite fall baby shower centerpiece ideas.

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Football Baby Shower Invitation


Fall brings with it changing leaves, visits to apple orchards and pumpkin patches — and the anticipation of a favorite football team bringing home the win. If your guest of honor can’t take themselves away from the big game over the weekend, bring the game to them with a football-themed fall baby shower, which is excellent for co-ed baby showers as well! Just host in a location with a visible TV (or multiple for extra host points), serve up a few game day snacks and drinks with some essential party supplies, and watch as the crowds cheer for everything from touchdowns witnessed on TV to football onesies opened at halftime (oops, we mean gift time). Send fans home with some party favors so they can remember all the fun they had. These invitations will ensure you have no trouble luring football fans over once they realize the party can revolve around game time as well.

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Football Baby Shower Snack Pack


Featuring dessert plates, paper cups, beverage napkins and forks and spoons, the set is equipped with 96 pieces to make your celebration a win-win no matter which team comes out on top.

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Football Baby Shower Color Changing Cups


Send your baby shower guests home with these 16-ounce color-changing cups, which can be customized with name(s), date, baby arrival date and 20 imprint color choices.

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Halloween Baby Shower Invitation


Trick or treat! When hosting Halloween baby showers, throwback to those festive Halloween parties you remember as a child. We’re talking caramel apples, candy corn, fun-size bars and dress-up. If you anticipate kids joining in the fun, invite them to show off their Halloween costumes and encourage adults to don their most festive fall accessories! Quickly and easily prep for the party with fun and festive Halloween decor that’s available throughout the season. Assorted fall leaves (real or fake) also make for excellent baby shower decorations that can be kept out all season long. Make sure everyone digs into some delicious candy and desserts from some creepy centerpieces. You’ll have a mommy-to-be monster bash before you know it! But first, send off these quick-and-easy customizable invitations.

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Halloween Baby Shower Fall Leaves


Whether you live in an area where fall leaves are limited or you don’t feel like bringing a bit of nature inside, we hear you. These leaves are the perfect baby shower decorations for scattering on tables and countertops, as well as using in bowls and vases. With approximately 180 leaves per package, there’ll be plenty to decorate your party.

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Halloween Baby Shower Witches Black Plastic Cauldron Candy Bowl


No Halloween-themed baby shower is complete without a proper witch's cauldron, which also happens to be one of our top Halloween-themed baby shower centerpiece ideas too. This bowl is ideal for trick-or-treat candy of all kinds but can also be used as a drink cooler or for decoration. Go on, brew up some fun!