Fall for These Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

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Fall for These Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

If a loved one is having a baby around Halloween, veer off the traditional baby shower course and use these tricks to treat her to a Halloween-themed baby shower she will never forget.

Eerie Invitations

Check your local crafts store for seasonal scrapbooking papers, stickers, ribbons and stamps to use for your baby shower invitations. Start by cutting a sheet of festive, heavyweight scrapbooking paper in half to create the base of the invitation. Use zigzag-edged pinking shears to cut an oval or rectangle from a piece of black paper, then use a glue stick or spray adhesive to paste the shape on the first paper. Write the baby shower details on the black paper shape with a white or light purple paint pen. Finish it off by gluing a purple or orange satin ribbon across the top of the card and adding Halloween stickers and stamps.

Daring Decor

Turn the party location into a haunted mansion just right for a Halloween baby shower by using a few items widely available during the season. String up spider webbing around doorways and in room corners. Layer black fabric and tattered linen on top of all the tables. Use large baby-themed scrapbooking stamps to create banners and custom napkins, but instead of using pink or blue stamp ink, go with black, royal purple or orange. Create a centerpiece by drawing a baby's face on a large pumpkin, cutting a small hole for the mouth and inserting a real pacifier into the hole. Accentuate the centerpiece with miniature pumpkins, colorful leaves and faux spiders. And don't forget the spooky mist made with dry ice and water to finish off the full Halloween feel.

Freaky Food

Serve traditional baby shower foods, but make them with molds that produce Halloween shapes. You can find molds at bakery-supply and crafts stores. Press small party sandwiches into finger-shaped molds to make actual "finger" sandwiches. Press almonds on the ends of each "finger" to create fingernails. Make deviled eggs look like eyeballs by placing sliced black olives in the center of each egg and a red pimento in the middle of each olive. To add spice and fright, drizzle a little Sriracha sauce around the whites of the eggs to look like bloody veins. Create an easy Halloween baby shower cake by placing candy pumpkins on the top of a cake and adding a baby figurine in the center of the "pumpkin patch."

Costume-ized Games

Kick off the games at your Halloween baby shower by asking all the guests to come in costume, including the mom-to-be. Don't forget to present an award for "best dressed." For a simple game, fill a glass jar with candy corn and see who can guess (or come closest to) the correct number of candies. Instead of playing the traditional "How Big is Mommy" game with yarn or ribbon, guests can play "How Big is Mummy" by guessing how much toilet paper or gauze it will take to wrap around the guest of honor's belly. Play the "Guess What's in the Diaper" game by placing snack-sized candy bars inside disposable diapers. Heat the diapers slightly to melt the candy bars into goo that resembles poo. If you want to stick with something more traditional, check out our Baby Shower Games page, where you'll find games to download and print.