30 Gifts for New Parents Under $50

by Kelley Crosbie

30 Gifts for New Parents Under $50
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Gifts tend to pour in for baby after a child joins the family, but we at Parenting are shifting the focus over to well-deserving new moms and dads who need a night to unwind! (Don’t worry, wee ones, we’ve got a few goodies for you on our list too.) Our team has rounded up a comprehensive list of the top gifts for new parents that mom and dad can use to treat themselves to a night in and rest a bit after the cooing, crying and cradling concludes for the day — or at least for a few hours. Better yet, while these gifts will no doubt bring a smile to new mamas and papas, they will not break the bank for well-wishing gift-givers. So, sit back and relax as we present 30 gifts for new parents under $50.


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New Parent's Supply Kit


From diaper changes to frequent feedings, there are plenty of needs to tend to when it comes to a baby. The New Parent’s Supply Kit is a gift for new parents that will make sure new moms and dads practice some self-care too. It comes with non-drying olive oil soap, lemongrass hand cream, peppermint hand cream for nighttime and dry shampoo for those (numerous) non-washing days. The products are free from harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, so new parents can rest easy knowing it’s safe for them and baby.

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Hydro Flask 12 oz. Coffee Mug


Along with essential baby gear, there are a few must-have products for new parents like a trusted coffee mug! The Hydro Flask 12 oz. Coffee Mug is a lidded and insulated cup so hot beverages stay warm for up to 6 hours, making it perfect for that morning cup of joe, afternoon tea and everything in between. With a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, you can rest assured this gift for new parents will stand up to whatever motherhood or fatherhood throws its way.

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Fandango Egift Card


A Fandango Egift Card is the perfect gift to encourage new parents to sit back, relax and catch their favorite movies or TV shows right in the comfort of their own home. With over 50,000 options to choose from, this gift card can apply to rentals or purchases. From Father’s Day to the holidays, buying gifts for new parents is easy thanks to print- and hand-delivering options or email delivery.

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Brielle Jersey Knit Cotton Sheet Set


New parents cherish sleep. Sleep is goodso good. So why not treat moms and dads to a brand-new, super soft set of T-shirt bedsheets. Made of 100 percent cotton, the Brielle Jersey Knit Cotton Sheet Set will help parents melt into slumber until that 3 a.m. wakeup call. Easily tossed in the laundry, this gotta-have-it gift for new parents comes in seven different colors and includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases. There’s just something about a new set of bedsheets, and at this price, you might even think about gifting yourself a set too!

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Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit


It can be difficult for new parents to find time to hit the gym and practice some self-care. Bring the gym and relaxation to them with the perfect gift for new parents who looking to add a little calm to their crazy (but wouldn’t-trade-it-for-the-world-wonderful) life. The Gaiam Yoga for Beginners Kit comes with a comfortable yoga mat, foam block, yoga strap and 60-minute DVD. This four-piece set is a gift for new dads and moms that gives them an excuse to lie on the floor, rest their eyes and relax their arms as they settle into Savasana, then conclude their practice with a peaceful “Namaste” before the next feeding or diaper change.

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BEBE by Me 'Harper' All-in-1 Teething Necklace


New parents deserve a little time just to sit and unwind. Buy a gift that will give them a few more minutes to rest as baby snuggles on their arms a little longer. The BEBE by Me “Harper” All-in-1 Teething Necklace is perfect because it’s a teether and toy that won’t drop and get dirty or lost. Worthy of wearing out and about, this necklace also fits in nicely for a cozy night at home. At 15-inches, this freezer-friendly necklace is the perfect length for baby to grab and fine-tune their motor development as well as chew on while they cuddle contently in mom or dad’s lap. The 16 hand-crafted beads help with teething pain and drooling and can later go in the washing machine to prep for the next session. Bonus: This versatile gift for new parents can also be used while nursing or connected to strollers or baby carriers (don’t worry, safety-conscious gift-givers, there’s a breakaway clasp).

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The Honest Company Relax and Reset Kit


No expensive spa is necessary with The Honest Company’s Relax and Reset Kit. The set comes stocked with Honest’s ultra calming and lavender scented bubble bath, shampoo + body wash, conditioner, face and body lotion, as well as Organic Facial Oil. Super safe, this kit is a gift for new parents to use to wind down and even use on baby. From baby to beauty to home, founder Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has little ones — and the adults who love them — covered from head to toe.

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Gap Dreamer Print Drawstring Pants in Poplin


Is there anything better than tossing on a favorite pair of comfy pants after a long day? We think not. Fantastic for anyone, pajama pants especially make great gifts for new parents. The Gap Dreamer Print Drawstring Pants in Poplin are 100 percent cotton, totally machine washable and fit easily through the hip and thigh, making these prime for lazy nights in with the family.

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Mom's Survival Pack


There’s a saying, “Ain’t no hood like motherhood,” and that’s no joke. It’s safe to say most moms will agree parenthood is one of the most exhausting, yet wouldn’t-trade-it-for-the-world rewarding, jobs around. Make sure the new mama, whether it’s her firstborn or fifth, feels the love with the Mom’s Survival Pack. It’s the ideal gift for new moms because it comes with all the skin-care products she’ll love, like a lavender sugar exfoliant, floral mineral bath salt, belly butter, sleep salve, soothing lavender mist, as well as a cardamom and ylang ylang lip balm.

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Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner


Chances are new parents have a Boppy in their lives (and if not, you’ll want to buy this as a gift for new dads and moms). There’s no question, these oh-so-cute, easy-to-care-for, and versatile nursing pillows and positioners are a must-have for new moms and dads. They are perfect for using while sitting in the rocking chair, on the couch, at the dining room table and everywhere in between. Make mom and dad’s life easier by gifting them a spare Boppy, so they don’t have to continually trek back to wherever the last place is they left it. New parents may also opt to leave it at the grandparents’ or other frequently visited places so they no longer have to search for throw pillows to toss under their elbow. No matter where this beloved Boppy Nursing Pillow finds itself, it will no doubt help moms, dads and babies rest comfortably.

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Winston Porter Daily Super Soft Elegant Throw


Give the gift of extra snuggle time with the Winston Porter Daily Super Soft Elegant Throw. Whether mom or dad wants to settle in with a good book, stream the latest flick or catch a quick nap, they can do it with this unbelievably soft and cozy throw. With a Sherpa reverse side and available in multiple classic colors, this is one of our top gifts for new dads and moms because it is sure to fit right into any room whether it lands in the nursery or family room. New parents will love that this 100 percent polyester throw is machine washable too for those sudden spit-ups, splashes and spills.

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, 4th Edition


Sleep is good and highly sought after by new parents. Because sleep is amazing, the parenting book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth is a popular one among many newly appointed moms and dads. With this gift for new parents, you give them an excuse to cozy up with a good book and pick up a few pointers for helping their child to ensure good, healthy sleep for every age. Many recommend moms and dads "sleep when baby sleeps" ... and that's not bad advice, either.

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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker


For new parents, there’s nothing like a nice, hot cup of coffee to get the day started, especially after a short night’s sleep. Give moms and dads the gift of an instant “perk” each morning with the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. It makes a great gift for new parents because they can set it to brew up to 24 hours in advance. Better yet, there’s an auto pause feature so that first cup of coffee can be poured without a mess even if the brew isn’t complete. Exhausted mamas and papas can also rest easy knowing there is an automatic shut-off after two hours.

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Customized Date Night Gift Card


For those moms and dads who haven’t had a night “off” in a while, consider gifting a “Date Night.” The Customized Date Night Gift Card is a fun alternative gift for new parents who seem to have everything. It can be tailored to any situation and goes great with gift cards or prepaid tickets to local fun (or better yet, takeout). Better brush up on your Goodnight Moon reading, gift-givers, because you’re about to bask in the joy of babysitting!

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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier


Babies love to snuggle. New parents love to offer cuddles. That said, sometimes moms and dads need to go “hands-free” for a bit whether it’s to switch a load of laundry or settle in for a night on the couch with a spare hand to pet the dog. The Moby Wrap Baby Carrier is a simple way to keep baby safely secured to you while offering your hands a bit more freedom. Better yet, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier is designed to carry kiddos between 8 and 35 pounds, making it a gift for new parents that will be useful for a long time. No belts, clips or buckles here; just soft, stretchy, one-size-fits-all 100 percent natural cotton fabric that uniquely fits you and your bundle of joy. Moms can even breastfeed with the help of this handy-dandy baby carrier.

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Target Gift Card


Many moms and dads make Target a destination to grab a few essentials, pick up a few extras and simply get out of the house, so give them an excuse to add something fun for themselves. With no fees and expiration dates, and email and mobile gift cards as options, there’s no excuse not to get what every parent wants. Gifts for new parents don’t get any better than a Target gift card, nor does it get any easier to buy a gift than a Target gift card. Gifters can send it one of three ways: by mail, email or text message. Pop on a personalized message at checkout and you’re all set.

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Car Trunk Organizer by Drive Auto Products


For new parents who are constantly on the go, give the gift that keeps on giving every time they hit the road. The Car Trunk Organizer by Drive Auto Products is a gift for new dads and moms who make sure all of the family’s essentials are neatly packed away, no matter where they are going. With a lockdown harness, oversize pockets, handles, mesh side pockets and more, all packaged in a sturdy design, it’s perfect for stashing everything from extra diapers, wipes and a spare set of baby clothes to bags of groceries and those must-have first aid kits and supplies.

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Scout Urling Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set


Help new parents settle down for a long winter’s nap with a Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set by maker Scout Urling. It comes with four different teas including Cold Comfort, Peaceful Spirit, Quiet Cough and Throat Soothe, making it a gift for new dads and moms that will have them relaxing in no time. The set is beautifully packaged as well, making it simple to give and satisfying to get.

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Simplicity Men/Women Luxurious Plush Kimono Bathrobe with Side Pockets


Sometimes the best way to relax and unwind is to cozy up in some comfy pajamas and a robe. The Simplicity Men/Women Luxurious Plush Kimono Bathrobe features two side pockets that are perfect for everything from baby bottles to binkies. Available in many different colors and with oversize sleeves and a belt tie at the waist, this robe is the perfect gift for new moms and dads who are looking for comfort.

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HALO Muslin SleepSack Swaddle


From making sure loose blankets don’t land in the crib to banning all bumpers, new parents have plenty on their mind when laying baby down to sleep. Take one less worry away with the HALO Muslin SleepSack Swaddle. This is one of our top gifts for new parents because it allows babies to safely and comfortably be wrapped three different ways for better sleep while still allowing some room for movement thanks to the spacious sleep sack. It’s made of 100 percent organic cotton muslin that is machine washable for those inevitable leaks and spit-ups. Bonus: Parents will love the fact that the HALO Muslin SleepSack Swaddle features a two-way zipper that makes those middle-of-the-night diaper changes a breeze.

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Sertapedic Cool Slumber Gel King Pillow


A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by as a new parent. Make sure when mom and dad’s head hits the pillow, it’s an instant luxury. The Sertapedic Cool Slumber Gel King Pillow is a gift for new moms and dads that will be enjoyed each night because it keeps parents cool and dry for better sleep thanks to the moisture-wicking technology. And while this hypoallergenic pillow feels like it’s filled with down, it actually features a gel fiber fill, so you can machine wash it. Sweet dreams!

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Steve Madden Pmichael Moccasins


Frequent treks to the nursery are inevitable for new parents. Make those trips a bit cushier for moms and dads with a soft and cozy pair of slippers! The Steve Madden Pmichael moccasins are easy to slip-on (even for the most sleep-deprived parents) and provide the comfort and warmth needed to feed hungry babes, rock them back to sleep and crawl back into bed themselves.

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New Parents Gifts Oster 3 Qt. Fondue Pot


Fun nights at home are made even better with a fondue pot; one of our favorite gifts for new parents! The Oster 3 Qt. Fondue pot is perfect for dinners, desserts, appetizers and more! With the removable, adjustable temperature control, cool-touch handles and easy to clean cook surface, moms and dads will have nothing to worry about except which cuisine to cook up next. With a total of eight forks, family and friends can join in the fun as well (assuming they don’t wake the baby)!

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Sonoma Wine Duet Gift Tower


Whatever the gift-giving celebration, invite new moms and dads to wind down and enjoy a nice night at home with the Sonoma Wine Duet Gift Tower. Stocked with two California Wines, and plenty of treats like cheese wedges, pistachios, mixed olives and cookies, nothing says, “it’s time to relax” like this gorgeous gift set for new parents.

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HoMedics Sound Spa Rejuvenate Portable Sound Machine


Help parents create a peaceful sleep environment for themselves and baby with the HoMedics Sound Spa Rejuvenate Portable Sound Machine. It’s the perfect gift for new moms and dads because it can go in baby’s room or the parent’s room, and it offers six different soothing, natural sounds such as white noise, thunder, ocean, gentle rain and more. Better yet, this compact sound machine works at home or while traveling and ensures those random creaks and squeaks made while parents check on baby go unnoticed.

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa


New parents will rejoice when they open the Echo Dot. This gift for new parents is a voice-controlled speaker that can play music, answer questions about things like sports scores and restaurant hours, check the news, give the weather, set alarms and so much more! Users can even call and message hands-free and control over 10,000 compatible smart home essentials such as lights, televisions and thermostats. Big time bonus for new parents: the Echo Dot can even add items to a shopping list or reorder products from Amazon.

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New Parents Gifts 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster


Gone are the nights of mulling over what to watch on TV. With the 100 Movies Scratch off Poster, new parents have an interactive way to make sure they catch all the best iconic films during relaxing night at their home theater. There’s something for everyone with this gift for new dads and moms! We’re talking everything from The Godfather and Jurassic Park to Amelie and Dirty Dancing. As each movie is seen, parents can scratch off the corresponding square to uncover special movie-related artwork.

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Balance (Angie's Extreme Stress Menders)


Drawing and coloring are not just for kids anymore! Help new parents embrace their inner child and calm down with a Balance (Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders) coloring book. Perfect for adults and even older children, these 50 original designs will soothe spirits for hours. Just make sure you grab a box of fine-tipped markers, colored pencils or brush tipped markers to go along with this gift for new parents.

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Mr. Bar-B-Q 18 Piece Grill Tool Set


Help moms and dads cook up some fun at home with the Mr. Bar-B-Q 18 Piece Grill Tool Set! It comes with everything from a grill brush and baster to a spatula and metal kabobs, making it a gift for new parents that will have them firing up the grill in no time. Want to take it to the next level? Grab a gift card to the local grocer so they can use it on some delicious meal-making ingredients. Now, that’s a recipe for one amazing gift for new dads and moms.

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Baby Einstein Bold New World Play Mat


Gifts for new parents come in many forms, such as the Baby Einstein Bold New World Play Mat. Give moms and dads who are in need of a nice, calm night in an excuse to rest on the floor with their bundle of joy and take in the world around them. Ideal for ages birth to 36 months, this play mat will entertain baby with bright colors, dangling toys, sounds and music. Parents can enjoy watching baby play or get in on the action by hiding various toys and seeing baby delight when they appear again.