Reality Check: Re-Gifting

by admin

Reality Check: Re-Gifting

Ask Denene: Is it really okay to regift presents I don't need? Heck yes, she says. Tips on how to properly regift a baby shower present, and why you shouldn't feel guilty.

Q At my baby shower, I got four mobiles, two baby gyms, and a bunch of other presents my newborn won't need. Is it okay to re-gift?

A Heck yes, so long as you don't slip up and give it back to the person you got it from in the first place! However, if the thing is so hideous that no one would want it, it's best to hide it in the back of the closet with the ugly sweater your mother-in-law knitted you for your first anniversary. Above all, take notes, take heed, and don't forget to write (and send!) thank-you notes, whether you keep the gift or not.