Reality Check: Second-Baby Showers

by admin

Reality Check: Second-Baby Showers

My playgroup gave another mom a second-baby shower — how come I didn't get one?

Q. The playgroup I'm in gave a shower for another mom's second child. They didn't shower me for my second! I feel slighted. How can I get past it?

The motivations behind the mom-to-be's shower may not have been about favoring her over you; your girls may have done it because they had intel on her needing help for her second. Or perhaps someone in the group who's closer to her took the lead. Or maybe your due date simply slipped by before anyone had a chance to plan. Whatever the case, second-baby showers aren't typical, and parties don't indicate friendship. Think about the times when they show up at the park with an extra coffee, or pick up your kid when he falls off the swing, or how much you giggle when you get together. It's in those moments that you find — and appreciate — true friendship.