Summer Baby Shower Ideas to Beat the Heat

by admin

Summer Baby Shower Ideas to Beat the Heat

Although summer pregnancies can feel like torture, you can help a preggo mama beat the heat by hosting a summer-themed baby shower that's super cool.

Loungin' at the beach decor

When planning a summer-themed baby shower, try decorating with elements that remind everyone of a summer retreat. This will allow the guest of honor to feel relaxed and pampered, and it will help everyone forget about the sweltering heat. Cover all the tables with long, white linen tablecloths. Use clear glass stemware and bamboo serving dishes to make the food table look crisp and clean. Place fresh flowers on the tables and play relaxing music in the background to really pull everything together.

Bright invitations

To keep the baby shower invitations on theme, look for ways to make them look fresh and relaxed like a beach vacation. Cut the base of each invitation out of white or pastel cardstock and attach a thin cork or bamboo overlay on the front using spray adhesive. Cut out an oval or rectangle from white scrapbooking paper using pinking shears. Write information about the baby shower on the front of the shape using a brown or gray paint pen. Attach the shape on top of the overlay using small pieces of adhesive foam to make it pop.

Baby shower gifts that pamper mama

Let's face it, a pregnant mama and summer heat just don't mix, but you can make it easier for her to bear by coming up with a few baby shower gifts that make her feel pampered, like gift certificates to a spa where she can have a massage, get her hair done or have a facial. Consider buying her a few poolside goodies that she can use after the baby arrives, such as a baby swimsuit, a super cute sun hat or a nursing-friendly tank top.

Keep the menu cool

When planning the food for a summer baby shower, think fresh and cool. You don't want to serve hot soup or a casserole when it already feels like an oven outside. Instead, serve the mama-to-be and your other guests fresh fruit, a crisp salad, finger sandwiches and a cold pasta dish or two. Instead of the standard cake, serve a chilled lemon meringue or key lime pie.

Pampering all around!

Turn your home into a wonderful summer retreat by setting up spa stations around the room. Each guest can take turns receiving relaxing spa treatments, such as hand and foot massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. If you know a few teenagers just itching for a summer part-time job, hire them to give the spa treatments to the guests, which will allow you to enjoy them as well! Send guests home with goodie bags that contain samples of the creams and oils you used.