Superhero Baby Shower Ideas to Save the Day

by admin

Superhero Baby Shower Ideas to Save the Day

Throw a superhero baby shower that really packs a punch!

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a baby bump! Throw the pastels and baby animals to the side and use these baby-shower ideas to pack a little extra zap, bam and pow into your party. A superhero shower is not only fun, unique and memorable, but it's also easy to put together. Following the recent popularity of comic book movies about superheroes, decor and toys can be found at many retailers.

Super ways to decorate

Rework children's superhero birthday party invites for your shower invitations. To decorate the baby-shower lair, place various sizes of superhero action figures on piles of shredded paper or on painted pieces of wood to serve as your centerpieces. Or visit your local dollar store or party store to search for superhero decorations, such as Superman balloons and Spiderman cupcake toppers. Instead of pastel party favors, hand out bottles of bright-red nail polish with Superman stickers on them.

Super games to the rescue

To get your guests mingling and creating, set up a Cape Station. Set out solid-color bibs and paint pens or Sharpies, and ask guests to create the perfect cape for the little superhero on the way. You can prepare a few in advance to lay out as examples. The guests can pin their capes on a clothesline above the gift table. Don't forget to bring a bin for the mom-to-be to take them home in.

Create a "Signs of a Superhero" game by listing traits like "Super Speed" for quick diaper changes, "Super Strength" for carrying a tired child on vacation, and "Night Vision" for nighttime pacifier retrieval, on several sheets of paper. Have the mom-to-be complete an answer key ahead of time by listing whether she or her partner has the superhero traits. Have your guests guess what the mama wrote and then read her answers aloud. Whoever has the most matching answers wins a prize.

Super-sized food ideas

A superhero shower isn't complete without themed food. You can serve hero sandwiches along with other appropriately named items, such as Lex Luthor's Lasagna, Venom's Veggie Tray or Peter Parker's Punch. Visit your local bakery to see samples of their birthday party superhero designs and ask if they can make a cake that's baby-shower friendly.

For your Super Girl or Boy Wonder

While you might think a superhero theme only works if the mom-to-be knows she's having a boy, you can easily make it a baby-girl shower by sticking with female superheroes or by adjusting your color palette. You are only limited by your imagination. Have a super time!