Treat Mom-to-Be to a Spa Day Baby Shower

by Julie McCoy

Treat Mom-to-Be to a Spa Day Baby Shower

Give mom-to-be a day of relaxation before she's swept up into motherhood

A great way to pamper a mom-to-be is to arrange a baby shower where she and guests can indulge in a spa day together. You could rent out a salon for the day, surprise the guest of honor with an overnight stay at a spa resort or keep it simple by having your own spa day at home.

A Day Away
Most salons are equipped to host a baby shower. Just call ahead to arrange the number of manicures, pedicures and massages you'll need. You can keep it simple by arranging for everyone to get their hair washed and blown out, or you can go the extra mile and hire a photographer to take before-and-after photos. Instead of dragging multiple packages and gift bags to the salon, everyone could pool their money to get a gift certificate for mom to use on a return visit.

Overnight Getaway
A baby shower at a spa resort may be the last opportunity the new mom will have to get away for a while. Since spa services can be pricey, see whether the resort offers a package deal on services or rooms if you have more than six guests. They might even throw in a free massage for mom. If you think the mom-to-be will want her significant other there, invite the guys. Many spa resorts have fitness clubs, golf courses or other outdoor activities. The girls can spend the day in the spa, the guys can have fun outside and everyone can meet up for dinner!

Spa Day at Home
A more wallet-friendly baby shower idea is to create your own spa day at home. You can pick up inexpensive nail polish, washcloths and towels at a discount store. Do each other's nails and give each other steam facials using all those washcloths you bought! After everyone's nails are dry, do each other's makeup and use curling irons to give everyone a few curls. Since you saved some money by hosting the event at home, you could splurge with some generous parting gifts for your guests, such as emery boards, moisturizer and little bottles of nail polish.


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