The 8 Best Maternity Compression Leggings for Expecting Moms

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The 8 Best Maternity Compression Leggings for Expecting Moms
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Pregnant women need a lot of support — and we’re not just talking about emotional support, although that’s incredibly important. Pregnant bodies grow and change throughout each trimester, and it’s essential that women have clothes and accessories that can keep up. Of course, you can purchase things like a belly band or support belt. Still, some moms prefer to feel supported in their back and legs, too, and that’s where maternity compression leggings come in. 


Compression leggings can help pregnant women feel their best. These leggings not only support growing bellies but also reduce swelling in the legs and ease lower back pain. Plus, they look just like regular leggings and are a stylish and easy way to throw together an outfit, no matter where you’re going. 


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We found the best leggings for moms to wear throughout their entire pregnancy, like these sculpting Gap leggings that help shape your hips and waist and can even be worn for a workout. If you prefer maximum leg compression, try these leggings from Motherhood Maternity, currently on sale. Moms also love these Musidora Maternity Compression Leggings, saying they “fit well, are high quality, and are very comfortable.”  


Shop the best eight pairs of maternity compression leggings below.



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Maternity GapFit Full Panel Full-Length Leggings in Sculpt Compression


These full-length leggings are moisture-wicking to keep you dry and have four-way stretch to grow with your changing body.

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Motherhood Maternity Compression Leggings


These leggings have an expandable waistband but compression in the leg to help with swelling.

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Zella Mamasana Live In Maternity Ankle Leggings


Featuring a supportive mid-panel and compressive leg, these leggings are perfect for yoga, working out, or lounging.

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Terramed Maternity Compression Leggings


These leggings feature graduated compression to prevent swelling and have a high-waist panel that goes over your belly.

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Blanqui Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings


These cult-favorite leggings featuring a seam-free belly panel are “buttery soft,” breathable, and compressive.

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Musidora Maternity Compression Leggings


If you’re looking for a flattering legging that offers support but is also lightweight, these are an excellent choice. Plus, they very affordable at under $17, making them a win-win.

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Spanx Mama Look at Me Now Seamless Maternity Leggings


Since Spanx is the mother of compression wear, it only makes sense that they would create a maternity legging. The seamless leggings are comfortable and smoothing for a flattering look.

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Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel Elevate Compression Leggings


These leggings hold you in and feature a full belly panel that stretches as you grow.