These 10 Maternity Sports Bras Are Virtually Bounce Free

by Bethany Braun-Silva

These 10 Maternity Sports Bras Are Virtually Bounce Free
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Finding the right sports bra to fit your workout needs can be a challenge in and of itself. But looking for a sports bra while pregnant should get you automatically entered into the Olympics. Fit and support are the most important factors when picking a sports bra, and with all the various options out there, it’s hard to know where to start.


Sports bras come in many different styles and levels of support, so you’re likely going to need more than one, depending on the type of activity you do. Whether you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood, dropping in for a yoga class or continuing with your Crossfit obsession, staying active while pregnant is a great way to have a healthy pregnancy, and finding the right sports bra is a huge part of your pregnancy fitness journey. 


We’ve rounded up the 11 best maternity sports bras that provide light, medium and strong support and include features such as moisture-wicking fabrics, adjustable straps and front zips. Check them out below, and here’s to a healthy, active pregnancy.


Best Overall: Under Armour Women’s Armour Mid Keyhole Sports Bra

Best Seamless: Hanes Sport Women’s Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

Best High Impact: Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

Best Low Impact: BESTENA Sports Seamless Sports Bra

Best Nursing: Playtex Women’s Nursing Sports Bra with Racerback

Best Underwire: Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra

Best Wireless: Warner’s Women’s Easy Does It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra

Best Longline: Gaiam Women’s Strappy Wireless Bralette

Best Front Zip: Maidenform Women’s Sport Secure Zip Front Underwire Racerback

Best Cotton: Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Bralette

Best Bralette: Jockey Women’s Seamfree Cami Strap Bralette

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Best Overall

Under Armour Women's Mid Keyhole Sports Bra


We love this sports bra because it stays in place without feeling like we’re being suffocated. The elastic band is soft yet strong and provides just the right amount of support for a trip to the gym or a spin class.

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Best Seamless

Hanes Sport Women's Seamless Racerback Sports Bra


Getting chafed while working out is the quickest way for us to throw in the towel. This seamless bra provides comfort and support and is made with Cool Comfort technology and mesh ventilation to keep you from overheating.

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Best High Impact

Champion Women's Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra


Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop working out hard. If your doctor is okay with it, we say go for it! This bra offers full support for all your high-impact workouts and features gel-cushioned straps for added comfort. It also has adjustable straps to accommodate any body changes while pregnant.

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Best Low Impact

BESTENA Sports Seamless Sports Bra


If yoga and walks are more your thing, this bra provides just the right amount of light support for those activities. These pullover sports bras are light and comfortable and come in a three-pack with many colors and designs to choose from.

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Best Nursing

Playtex Women's Nursing Sports Bra with Racerback


We love this bra because it offers the support of a traditional sports bra with the added factor of being a nursing bra. It’s a perfect bra for using while pregnant and in the months after when you’re nursing. The bra features clips that easily pull down when it’s time for baby to nurse, even if it’s in the middle of your jog.

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Best Underwire

Wacoal Women's Underwire Sport Bra


Nothing beats the support of an underwire bra, and this one features adjustable straps and an adjustable closure for the best support yet. Plus it has a mesh back and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool. The best part? The underwire is actually on the outside of the bra for added comfort.

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Best Longline

Gaiam Women's Strappy Wireless Bralette


Sometimes just a bit more coverage is all we need to feel extra ready to tackle our workout. This longline bra by Gaiam provides a medium support and a thin racerback design, perfect for layering under tanks and T-shirts. It also has moisture-wicking fabric and no seams for a comfortable fit.

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Best Front Zip

Maidenform Women's Sport Secure Zip Front Underwire Racerback


If you’re worried about wrestling your sports bra over your head while pregnant, a front-zip bra may be the perfect solution. This bra features adjustable straps and will provide enough support for a run or yoga class. The front-zip design makes it easy to put on and take off so you won’t break a sweat before you actually start working out.

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Best Cotton

Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette


Cotton means comfort, and this bra is no exception. While it’s better suited for low impact activities, it still provides some support. It has a flattering scoop neck and comfortable elastic band, plus we love the super simple style.

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Best Bralette

Jockey Women's Seamfree Cami Strap Bralette


This bra provides light support but ultimate comfort. It features a seam-free design and is made with soft, breathable fabric. The wide bottom band offers support while the removable cups and adjustable straps provide a custom fit. It comes in a variety of pretty colors.