The Best Postpartum Underwear to Help With Your Recovery

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Postpartum Underwear to Help With Your Recovery
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Moms need a lot of support postpartum. In addition to caring for a new baby, their bodies go through many changes and will need clothes that accommodate breastfeeding, pumping, and postpartum recovery. Postpartum underwear is essential for new moms because it can provide midsection support. They are also super absorbent to help with bleeding, which can occur up to six weeks after having a baby.


Just like compressive leggings, nursing bras, and comfortable pajamas, the right pair of postpartum underwear will give you one less thing to worry about during the first few weeks of your recovery. The hospital will provide you with several pairs of disposable mesh underwear, but once you get home, you may choose to switch them out for something just a tad more stylish.


What is postpartum underwear?


Postpartum underwear differs from regular underwear in that it’s absorbent, supportive, and made with soft materials. It is often high-waisted and seamless to avoid irritating mom’s skin after a C-section. Postpartum underwear also offers light compression, and you can easily layer a pad over it for extra protection. 


Do you need postpartum underwear?


You might be overwhelmed at the idea of adding yet another thing to your postpartum shopping list, but postpartum underwear can make your recovery a much more comfortable process. Whether you’ve had a C-section or vaginal birth, your regular underwear just won’t cut it in those first few weeks after you deliver. Postpartum underwear is generally affordable, and there are even disposable ones that you can wear and toss until you’re ready to slip into your pre-baby undies. 


We found the 11 best pairs of postpartum underwear that moms will love wearing. Check them out below.



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Best Overall

Kindred Bravely 5-Pack High Waist Postpartum Underwear


This underwear has been given over 1,600 five-star reviews from moms who say it’s the “most comfortable” pair of underwear they own. It’s designed to hold your surgical dressings in place while providing support above your C-section line. The lace waistband offers a bit of style when you could use a little pep.

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Best for C-Section

UpSpring Baby C-Section C-Panty Support


Moms on Amazon love this underwear to help C-section recovery, writing that it helped them walk and move around easier. It’s made with medical-grade compression to offer lots of support in your midsection, and has an interior silicone panel to help heal your scar.

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Frida Mom 8-Pack Disposable Postpartum Underwear


Frida is known for its innovative gear for postpartum moms, and its disposable underwear is no exception. It comes in a pack of eight boyshort-style briefs that you can throw in your hospital bag or have ready for you when you get home. Moms on Amazon say it’s “by far the best disposable underwear out there.”

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Best Adjustable

Leonisa Postpartum Underwear


This compression underwear features an adjustable waistband and velcro sides for seamless comfort. The firm compression helps with postpartum swelling and offers support where you need it most.

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Best Full-Coverage

Motherhood Maternity 2-Pack Postpartum Seamless Support Panty


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Best Compression

Belly Bandit C-Section Recovery Hipster Briefs


Belly Bandit’s postpartum briefs provide protection for your C-section scar with silver-infused fibers, which have antimicrobial properties to help with the healing process. Reviewers say that the moderate compression is supportive and helps reduce swelling and that the fabric is soft, so you will feel comfortable all day.

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Best Budget

Fruit of the Loom 6-Pack Women’s Breathable Panties


You can purchase an eight-pack of this soft cotton underwear for just $19.99. While it wasn’t explicitly made for postpartum, reviewers write that they are more comfortable than regular pregnancy and postpartum underwear. They come in a variety of different solid color options.

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Best Mesh

Carer 10-Pack Mesh Postpartum Underwear


If your body is extra sensitive, we highly recommend this soft mesh underwear that uses latex-free elastic. It has a lot of stretch, but will securely hold a pad in place. While they look similar to the hospital version, one reviewer writes that they are “better quality than what I used in the hospital.”

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Best Cotton

Wirarpa 4-Pack Women’s High-Waisted Cotton Underwear


This underwear is made with 95 percent cotton and has a double layer panel that is moisture-wicking and breathable. It offers slight compression and a high waist for support and scar protection.

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Best High-Waisted

UMMISS 6-Pack Cotton High Waist Underwear


No matter how you delivered, you will likely want something with a high-waist to support you after giving birth. This underwear has a high, wide waistband that won’t roll down. Reviewers write that they love the thickness and quality of this underwear.

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Best Microfiber

Hanes 3-Pack Women’s Microfiber Brief


These lightweight briefs are moisture-wicking and breathable, so they’re designed to keep you cool. They have a seamless design that won’t dig into your skin, and can be purchased in a pack of three, five, or eight.