Fun, Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

by Alina Soler

Fun, Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Got a bun in the oven? Congratulations! Here are some funny, cute, and totally creative ways to break the news to your family and friends when you're ready to announce your pregnancy, from our Facebook fans!

Word Play
“I asked my husband to play Scrabble… and this was inside.”

—Shannon Stephan Rodriguez

What’s Cookin’?
“We had my husband's mom and grandma coming over to go to a family picnic, and asked them to help check on what was in the oven. We stood back with camera in hand as they opened it.  My mother-in-law caught on right away to the "bun in the oven." Grandma was a little confused…’Why is there a hamburger bun in the oven? Why is Martha crying? Why is Wendy taking pictures?’ It was one of the funniest and most memorable moments ever!”

Good Fortune
“To tell our parents, I took a tweezer and pulled out a fortune from a fortune cookie and replaced it with one I typed. Since we were due in September, it said ‘With fall will bring new grandchild.’ I then got a small take-out box from the party store and some crinkle tissue and set the cookie inside. They loved it!”

—Kelly Branch-Yoxall

Sweet Beats
“My mom lives in a different state so my hubby put together a video of us hearing the heartbeat for the first time with music playing. I was on the phone with my mom and told her I emailed her a song I wanted her to hear. So she was listening to it then bam, the video shows us talking and hearing baby's heartbeat.”

—Heather Bowers

Baby Food
“I told my husband I was going to cook tonight, then I showed him a grocery list. On it was baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby peas and other foods with ‘baby’ in it. Then my last one said Gerber Baby. That's when he looked and said, ‘Are you pregnant?’ I showed him the test.”

—Megan Burke Zahara

Bear-y Cute!
“After our [appointment], we went to Build-a-Bear and made little bears dressed in pink baby clothes. And for the bear certificate, we put the baby's name and our due date! Our parents loved it.”

—Melissa Carreiro

Hatching Soon
“We wrote it on an Easter egg with the white crayon and then dyed the egg. We took it to my husband’s parents house for them to hide.”

—Sarah Greenwood

Happy Claim
“We gave our father-in-law who does taxes a Christmas gift. When he opened it, it was a bib that said “Income Tax Deduction.”

—Jennifer Jones Owens

Snap Reaction
“We told everyone on Mother’s Day! We had our family come over. I told everyone to get together for a pic then told everyone to say, 'Tina is going to have a baby'. My all-time fave pic.”

—Tina Lopez

Precious Pumpkin
“We were surprised with #4 this year and decided to have everyone over to carve pumpkins. With one lonely pumpkin still not carved, I decided I would just carve a #4 into it. The lights went out and I set mine along with all the others and just waited for everyone to get it. It was a lot of fun to hear the questions and confusion while they were trying to figure out what #4 meant.”

—Kate Glaze

Belly Bean
“It was before Easter when my husband and I found out we were expecting. The doctor did an ultrasound and the image looked like a jellybean. When we arrived at our families for dinner, we started talking about the shapes and colors of jellybeans (we stuck the ultrasound picture in the middle of the jellybean jar). My husband's grandfather found the picture and turned to ask me if I was pregnant. He was speechless.”

—Tara Poole Fagans

Say What?
“My mother-in-law loves the game Mad Gab, so we created our own game card and made her read it out loud until she understood! ‘Owl be an grad mudder’— translation: ‘I'll be a grandmother!’”

—Andrea Scott

“I posted on Facebook, ‘Preheat oven 40 weeks. Insert bun. Set timer for Jan. 4th!!!’”

—Amanda McMullen Dimitrov

Poetic Parents
“I wrote a cute poem and placed the text over a graphic of newborn toes, then emailed it as an attachment to family. An excerpt:

We have an announcement
Come Springtime in Maine
Nights will be sleepless
We’ll change diapers again

Then waited for the phone to ring over the next few hours, days, etc. It was really fun, especially because most of our family was really surprised we were having a third child.”

—Amy Bartlett Bevan

Special Delivery
“I contacted my parents' paper boy. I typed a flier announcing the debut of the "star" of Gram and Gramps Part 3 (our son would be the 3rd grandchild). The paperboy put it inside the newspaper. When my parent read the morning paper…They were quite surprised!”

—Kory Fancher Dorman

Happy Feet
“We sent out Christmas cards of my husband’s boots, my heels, my daughter’s Mary Janes and a pair of baby booties. The caption read, ‘Our family is growing by two feet.’ Everyone loved it.”

—Janilyn Pease Roberts

Tonight’s Special
My sister works at a beautiful restaurant, so we brought my mother- and father-in-law there.  She had made the menus special for us. The second appetizer said ‘baby girl mazzella’ and as the price [was] the due date. It took them a minute to realize what they were reading! We have it framed in our home and so do they!”

—Lauren Pritchard Mazzella

Rockin’ News
“When I was prego with my daughter, I took my son and husband out to eat. I excused myself and went to see if the staff would come over and sing Rock-a-bye Baby. They had to review the words but they came over with pink and blue balloons and sang!”

—Amanda Marie

Card Trick
“We made a card for our parents that said: ‘Cost of the paper for this card…25 cents. Cost to print this card…10 cents. The price of gas to come see you…$25.00.’ Inside of the card had picture of two [pregnancy] tests we took and read: ‘Being able to see your face when you find out we're pregnant…PRICELESS.’"

—Heidi Eimers

Pre-Baby Shower
“I took a shower and wrote in the foggy mirror that I was pregnant. Then when my husband took a shower the next morning, the message was there for him.”

—Renee Noffsinger