Dania Ramirez Shares Her Working Mom Must-Haves

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Dania Ramirez Shares Her Working Mom Must-Haves
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Dania Ramirez is a very busy lady. She recently wrapped filming Jumanji 2 opposite Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, as well as a number of starring roles in television including the CBS All Access series Tell Me a Story and ABC’s Once Upon a Time.


Plus, to top it all off she is mom to 6-year-old twins, Aether and Gaia, which you can only imagine, keeps her on her toes. “I think mother of twins, the one thing that you, from my opinion, need to have is just patience,” she told PEOPLE. “And it really puts everything into perspective, for me, anyway. I’m working in that industry that’s always up and down, and it’s always hectic.”


Ramirez shared with us all of her must-have items that keep her “hectic” life as a busy working mom moving!


Check them out below!

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INIU Portable Charger


"A portable phone charger! God knows between conference calls and keeping up with life my cell runs out of battery fast than fast!"

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Arnicare Gel


"I can’t live without a bottle of Arnicare Gel. My twins are like two little monkeys and I’m a klutz. I love their spirit but kids will be kids and I, well, I just always bump into something. I gotta be prepared for anything!"

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allbirds Sneakers


"A pair of allbirds! There's nothing like wearing shoes you can do it all in! I spend a lot of time on my feet running after my twins. They are super cute, go with practically everything and are good for our environment."

Zoli This & That Container

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Zoli This & That Container


"When you are on the go, who knows what time I will be able to be home. I love cook and I am particular about what I feed them. This is great because if I am. It sure what time I will be home from set or meetings etc, I know I can keep their food hot and their fruit for snacks fresh and cold.”

Sash Bag

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Sash Bag


"This bag is easy to use, looks stylish and fits more than you can imagine!"