The Peanut Is the Perfect Pool Accessory for Moms-to-Be

by Hilary Braaksma

The Peanut Is the Perfect Pool Accessory for Moms-to-Be

This awesome pool float for pregnant mamas is sure to make a splash this summer! If you’re dying to lounge in the sun tummy-down, this is a must-buy.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can be a difficult time for expecting moms who love to lounge on their tummies. Not only is it uncomfortable for both pregnant mama and baby, for most moms-to-be it’s nearly impossible to lie on their stomach by the second trimester. But if you’ve been dreaming of floating around the pool while rocking your baby bump this summer, it’s still possible with the Peanut Pool Float.


While you might still have to sacrifice your favorite sleeping position, the Peanut eliminates one summertime problem—you can finally lounge stomach down in the pool! This awesome pool accessory designed specifically for pregnant moms and has an open space for your growing tummy to rest comfortably in the water while you even out your tan.


The Peanut Pool Float describes itself as “every pregnant woman’s summer dream” and comes in a pretty pink hue with a fun mama-motivating graphic decorating the side. Whether you’re in love with lounging or you’ve just missed how it feels to lie facedown, the Peanut is a summer must-have for pregnant women.