Our Favorite Maternity Clothing Brand Sells Amazing Beauty Products, Too

by Bridget Degnan

Our Favorite Maternity Clothing Brand Sells Amazing Beauty Products, Too
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Carrying a child is a beautiful thing, and moms-to-be deserve to feel beautiful at every stage of pregnancy. Between the exciting moments, like feeling the first kick, and the not-so-fun moments, like dealing with swollen feet, becoming a mom brings many new experiences. Both during and after pregnancy, issues you’ve never dealt with will probably arise: You may discover variations of stretch marks, for example, irritated nipples or hair thinning — all of which are completely normal parts of the journey.


As your body changes, your self-care routine does too, and you’ll likely be turning to safe beauty products while pregnant and nursing. There are a lot of great brands available to provide you with mom-friendly beauty solutions, and Hatch Mama Beauty is definitely one to know about. A brand that specializes in producing functional and stylish maternity clothing, Hatch has earned a devoted following of mothers, including celebrities; Meghan Markle is one many famous moms seen wearing the brand. Along with its clothing line of gorgeous essentials made for every moment of motherhood, Hatch also has its own line of non-toxic, plant-derived prenatal and postnatal beauty must-haves. From a belly oil and belly mask to a nipple balm and foot cream, the Hatch Mama Beauty collection will certainly help you take care of your ever-changing self-care needs. The clean beauty buys are even broken down into product type categories to make finding what you need really easy, or you can filter searches by what trimester you’re in.


Check out the six must-have beauty products we’re shopping from the clean beauty brand below.


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Belly Oil: Stretch Mark Soothing Therapy


The secret to reducing the appearance of stretch marks? An ultra-hydrating belly oil, like this one featuring a healthy dose of vitamin E and antioxidants. One five-star shopper highly recommends it, claiming, “The more I use, the lighter all of my stretch marks get.” Other reviewers praise its fragrance-free scent and its ability to effectively moisturize skin without feeling greasy. For best results, apply a few drops to your belly and breasts during and after your pregnancy as often as needed.

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Down, Girl: Soothing Leg and Foot Relief


If you’re struggling with swollen or achy feet, try using this cooling cream to help ease the pain. Down, Girl is made with nourishing plant-based ingredients, like aloe vera, chamomile and ginger, making it a great choice for those with vegan and gluten-free lifestyles. Not only does this soothing gel-based cream work on tired feet, it also promises to alleviate back and leg discomfort for a full-body treatment. Apply it to the desired area in circular motions and massage into skin for however long you please.

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Nipple and Lip: Rescue Balm


Make breastfeeding your precious one more enjoyable with this lanolin-free nipple balm. To protect and soothe irritated skin, you can use it before, during and after breastfeeding (just make sure to wipe off any residue before your child latches). What’s more, moms and moms-to-be can use it on their lips and cuticles for a much-needed hydration boost, so you might want to consider getting one to keep in your purse and one to leave at home.

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Belly Mask: Stretch Mark Targeting Sheet Mask


For anyone who loves a good face mask, take things to the next level with a belly mask that targets the strained skin on your tummy. This groundbreaking self-care product works to combat stretch marks and scars, with a formula full of plant-based nutrients to hydrate the belly and breasts. The best part is you get to sit back and relax while the mask works its magic.

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Strength and Shine: Daily Fortifying Hair Oil


Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can lead to hair thinning or loss before and after your delivery. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary — plus, we’ve found hair oil for assistance. This strengthening treatment can be applied to wet hair for styling, dry locks for smoothing flyaways, the scalp before showering for stimulating growth and as an overnight scalp treatment for an extra self-care indulgence. The nutrient-rich avocado oil gives hair a gorgeous, shiny finish.

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Relax Wellness Oil: Lavender Calming Blend


For days when all you need is a moment of peace (um, every day), this lavender oil will take you there. Simply roll the oil on your wrists and neck, and let it offer your body and mind pure relaxation. Whether you use it before going to bed or during morning meditation, this aromatherapy infusion is an easy way to de-stress.