20 Best Maternity Graphic Tees

by Bethany Braun-Silva

20 Best Maternity Graphic Tees
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Pregnancy is tough, and for many women, it may be one of the hardest things they go through. With changing bodies and out-of-whack hormones, pregnancy can be a real roller coaster. So why not have some fun with it? Well, with your style at least.





20 Best Graphic Tees For Expecting Mothers:






Graphic T-shirts have brought humor and amusement to the fashion world, and now pregnant women can get in on the action too! Whether you’re getting one for yourself or gifting one to a special mom-to-be, these sweet and silly graphic tees are sure to make people smile (and possibly cause a few jaws to drop)!


Check out our favorites below to see which one speaks to you.


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Holy Guacamole! I'm Pregnant! Maternity Graphic Tee


Avocado lovers unite! This cute shirt features a “mama” and “baby” avocado and does a great job of amping up any avocado toast craving. And the sweet heart shapes on each of the fruits proves that parenthood is anything but the pits.

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Nine Months You're Out Maternity Tee


Take me out to the … maternity ward. This sporty grey shirt will hit a home run with baseball enthusiasts, thanks to its adorable message that insists the little slugger arrives when it’s due!

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Designated Driver Maternity T-Shirt


Chances are you’re going to be DD more than a few times while you’re pregnant. Hey, it just comes with the territory! That’s why this fun shirt is the perfect top to wear for a casual night out with the girls.

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Speaking of being the designated driver … Your due date is likely not the only thing you’re counting down the days for. But let’s get real, once that little one arrives, Cosmos are about to be replaced by coffee… permanently.

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Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds Maternity Tee


What did your mother always tell you? “Don’t eat watermelon seeds or you’ll grow one in your stomach.” Let this shirt be a warning, ladies!

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Maternity Due Date T- Shirt


Any pregnant woman will tell you the most common question she’s asked during pregnancy is, “When are you due?” Save yourself some time with this T-shirt that spells out exactly what everyone wants to know.

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The Baby Made Me Eat It Maternity T-Shirt


No more explaining what you’re eating or why or how much (“I’m eating for two!). Blame it on the baby with this hilarious shirt! Just be ready to have another excuse ready after the little one arrives.

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Strong Like a Mother T-Shirt


There’s nothing like pregnancy (and giving birth) to reinforce just how strong you are. Empower yourself throughout your pregnancy with this inspiring T-shirt, which features two print style and ruching at the sides for a comfy fit.

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HappyBerry Ice Cream Maternity T-Shirt


I scream, you scream, we all scream… including babies, who get a chance to “speak” for themselves with this funny tee, which tells exactly what they’re craving. But we’ve gotta ask: chocolate or vanilla?

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HappyBerry Yes, That's A Baby Maternity T-Shirt


Yes, they would dare to ask. And yes, you can be so bold as to answer them before they do! Oh, and the one thing this shirt forgot to mention: hands off!

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Force Is Strong Pregnancy T-Shirt


Star Wars fans will get a kick out of this out-of-this-world maternity tee. Remember, not only is the force strong but it will also always be with you! And we mean always!

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Bonjour Bebe Maternity Graphic Tee


Bonjour, bébé; au revoir, old life! This fashion-forward striped tee is a great gift for a Parisian-themed baby shower or gender reveal!

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Prangry Maternity T-Shirt


You’ve heard of “hangry,” now get ready to kick it up a notch with “prangry.” No one better mess you with you while you’re rocking this hilarious tee…. unless they have snacks!

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Bun in The Oven T-Shirt


We all know the expression, so not why not take it a step further and wear it on your shirt? And seriously, how sweet is that smiling oven and happy little bun?

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Baby Peeking Maternity T-Shirt


Hello, baby! Make them do a double take with this funny maternity shirt that shows your “baby” peeking out at the world from a “zippered” opening in your belly. If only delivery were so easy!

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Some Bunny's on the Way Maternity Tee


This adorable shirt is perfect for a mom who’s expecting in the spring and to get the other kids excited about the arrival of their new baby brother or sister!

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Waiting For My Next Happy Hour Maternity Tee


There’s just something about pregnant women and booze! Having to go involuntarily sober can really make you miss Happy Hour! Thankfully, it’s only temporary, right?

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I'm Hungry. Me Too. Graphic Tee


Is that the baby talking? Never feel guilty about grabbing a cookie or two when pregnant. After all, the baby just said they’re hungry!

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Let Me Out Maternity Graphic Tee


While we are a little bit on the fence about whether this shirt is creepy or cute, we do know one thing for sure: The tiny handprints and blood-red writing will elicit more than a few chuckles from passersby.

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OMG Becky Maternity Tee


We like big bumps and we cannot lie! And you will love this T-shirt. Perfect for a gag gift, lounging around the house or, for those who want to be noticed, running errands around town.