Famed Fashion Blogger and Author Sofie Valkiers Turns a New Page on Motherhood with Her Style Book “Little Black Book for Moms”

by Samantha McIntyre

Famed Fashion Blogger and Author Sofie Valkiers Turns a New Page on Motherhood with Her Style Book “Little Black Book for Moms”

A self-described fashion addict and expert, Sofie Valkiers shares her enviable wardrobe picks and world travels with fans of her lifestyle blog and over 500K followers on her IG page. Now in her new book, Valkiers shares her fashion do’s and don’ts to keep moms on trend and stylish.


Following the birth of her son, Gabriel, the Belgium-based, high-profile fashion and beauty influencer was inspired to follow-up to her first fashion bible Little Black Book with a new style guide just for mothers. In her newly released title, Little Black Book for Moms, Valkiers offers expert tips to new and expectant moms, sharing some of the guidance that she sought during her pregnancy as she covers everything from fashion, beauty, food and travel before and after her baby’s arrival. Valkiers spoke exclusively with to talk about her new book and share some must-have style and self-care advice.


What inspired you to write the Little Black Book for Moms?


When I found out I was pregnant, I did a little bit of research to prepare for the arrival of our baby, and I quickly saw that it was way more complicated than I thought it would be. Where to find stylish maternity clothes? How to deal with a difficult pregnancy (still so taboo!)? Which products are best for the baby’s nursery? How to handle a long flight with your mini? I learned a lot in my first year as a mom, and I really wanted to share all this with my readers. This book is my most personal story ever, and it comes straight from the heart! I really wanted to share all my tips and tricks to make this new part of your life as fabulous as possible!


What were some of the most unexpected fashion challenges you faced while pregnant?


I was confronted with standard maternity fashion and oh boy! It was not good. So I decided to be creative with my wardrobe and dust off my most creative styling tips. And it turned out to be fun. I shopped a lot in baby daddy’s closet: A pair of slouchy jeans or a relaxed t-shirt that would fit around my belly. Instead, I focussed on feminine details such as a manicure or statement earrings. What advice do you have for the expectant mom trying to maintain her sense of style as her body changes throughout pregnancy? Don’t panic! Just go through your closet and see what you can still wear when your belly gets bigger and bigger: maxi dresses, a silk flowy power suit, Try also more body-con dresses as they are super flattering when you’re pregnant!



What are some of the style pitfalls pregnant moms should avoid?


I see a lot of pregnant women still try to wear heels, but honestly, go for comfort! Flats, boots, sneakers. Go for heavy and chunky boots or sneakers as they balance the silhouette.



What is the one wardrobe staple you couldn’t live without during your pregnancy?


Leggings! I wore a lot of leggings when I was pregnant. The only problem? The looks get boring so quickly, so I would add, for example, a cropped bomber jacket in camouflage print to add a little bit of punch to it. I love the leggings from Blanqi as they give extra support in the places that carry the most weight. So amazing!



What self-care advice do you have for new moms?


Go on a babymoon before the baby is here! Take a trip with baby daddy to enjoy one last special moment with just the two of you! We went to Les Sources de Caudalie, a luxurious resort in the vineyards in Bordeaux, to enjoy decadent brunches, get long massages and to daydream about the future together. Oh and please, don’t forget to take those cheesy couple photos. You will thank me later!