Moms’ Best Morning Sickness Remedies

by Editors

Moms’ Best Morning Sickness Remedies

Moms suggest their favorite home remedies for morning sickness and other pregnancy aches on our message boards.




“The nurse at my OB’s office told me to freeze Gatorade in ice cube trays. That way when water sounded disgusting, and when I couldn’t keep any food down, I could just suck on those for hydration and to replenish electrolytes.”—julipickle





“I was told to put lemon in my water to help with nausea or even to smell fresh lemon for nausea. Smelling didn’t work completely but it was nice. The water seemed to help though. I think it helps make it not so hard on the stomach.” —gostomskiart





“For nausea, the only thing that worked for me was peppermint candies and toast!” —kaylisue005





“I kept Jolly Ranchers on hand in my car, then if I started to feel a little sick, and needed a little blood sugar pep, I’d suck on one of those, and the strong flavor worked wonders. If nothing else, it distracted me and made that extra pregnancy drool taste good instead of making me feel like I might be sick!” —Dava





“I don’t have any kids yet, but my friend who experienced terrible sickness gave me two tips for the future: peanut butter crackers for nausea and apple slices for headaches. Apparently, sniffing the skin of the apple wards off those pesky pregnancy headaches.” —excited4mommyhood





“I found an old book at a garage sale called Old Vermont Cures. The biggie was: 1T pure apple cider vinegar, 8oz. filtered water, and 1T pure honey. It even stopped my sister’s severe migrane headaches.” —BABYLADY