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Pregnant and Nursing Women Get Their Own Snacks

Women often worry about their intake of essential nutrients during pregnancy and when they're breastfeeding. That's why CredibleCravings created the first organic snack bar specifically designed for pregnant and nursing women. The bars provide key nutrition for mom and baby without using artificial flavors or additives. They are made with whole-food ingredients that are gluten- and soy-free and are non-GMO. And 1 billion probiotics are added to each bar.

Stephanie Baker, CEO of CredibleCravings, started the company "to provide healthy natural products that promote the health of mom and baby." She says CredibleCravings offers "an intentional snack developed around the nutritional needs around the prenatal period for women to include on top of their diet already."

Baker believes that what women eat before, during and after pregnancy has a significant impact on their health and their babies' health throughout their lifetimes. The bars are designed to be a nutrient-dense snack to satisfy hunger. CredibleCravings bars are not fortified; instead, every ingredient comes from a whole food.

"Every single ingredient down to the dates was put in our bar with a specific purpose in mind," Baker says.

All ingredients are listed on the bars' packaging and the company's website, not only for transparency's sake, but also because the company also wants to educate women about the importance of good prenatal nutrition. The on-the-go snacks include a variety of ingredients, such as organic kale, organic sprouted quinoa and GanedenBC30 probiotics. The probiotics were included to promote digestive health and are safe to consume with a supplemental probiotic during pregnancy.

CredibleCravings bars come in three flavors: chocolate, lemon ginger greens and oatmeal cranberry. The ginger in the lemon ginger greens bar may help alleviate nausea and upset stomach, which are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. The chocolate bar can satisfy sweet tooth cravings without the guilt of indulging. The oatmeal cranberry bar was made to promote energy and regulate digestion.