Cool Gender Reveal Products for Expecting Parents

by Hilary Braaksma

Cool Gender Reveal Products for Expecting Parents
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Gender reveal parties, photos and videos have become part of the parenthood rite of passage. While many families still choose to find out the old-fashioned way—during the ultrasound appointment—many others decide to keep the information under wraps from even themselves and wait for a fun reveal. Friends and family members trusted with the secret who are looking for a way to do a memorable gender reveal will love this list of awesome products that make it easy.

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Gender Reveal Powder Cannons


If you’re ready to get messy in the pursuit of revealing a baby’s gender, powder cannons are an awesome, dramatic and super photogenic option. Mom and dad simply twist the bottom of the cannon and high-quality, richly pigmented powder in blue or pink is released. Don’t worry—the powder washes away with water!

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Gender Reveal Balloon


For when you’re ready to pop—literally—there’s this fun take on the gender reveal! This giant 36-inch black balloon is filled with pigmented powder in the color that corresponds with the baby's gender. When the parents-to-be pop the balloon, the colored powder (made of non-toxic corn flour) will pop with it, revealing bright blue or pink.

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Gender Reveal Piñata


Fill this pretty piñata with blue or pink candies or small treats and let the parents take a whack at guessing the gender—literally. The simple silver and gold design works well for a gender-neutral baby shower or gender reveal party and is easy to fill.

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Gender Reveal Roulette


This pack of confetti cannons comes with six cannons—five filled with white, gold or silver confetti and one cannon filled with blue or pink. Siblings, grandparents, friends or other family members can join in the fun and release cannons alongside the parents, looking for who has the reveal!

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Gender Reveal Exploding Golf Balls


If baby is about to be born to a family or avid golfers, this is the perfect gender reveal product. This two-pack of gender reveal golf balls comes packed with vibrantly colored powder—one ball is filled with pink powder and one filled with blue. The balls are marked with removable stickers, so whoever knows the gender can set the correct ball on the tee. When the club hits this ball, it will explode in a dazzling display of color.

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Gender Reveal Bath Bomb


For parents who would prefer a little more private, relaxing reveal, this bath bomb is an awesome and lowkey way to learn the baby’s gender. Purchasers can choose between pink or blue options when ordering. The bath bomb shows up with a discrete white, pink and blue design and reveals the gender color after being submerged in water.

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Gender Reveal Silly String


Silly string is a great way to let the baby’s siblings discover the gender, or just an excuse for adults to get, well, silly. Order cans of blue or pink silly string in simple spray can with a fun gender-reveal themed design and let parents, family and friends go crazy. Get ready to get messy!

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Gender Reveal Balloon Drop Bag


Drop the news on the parents in the most literal sense by filling this adorable balloon drop bag with pink or blue balloons. The bag is designed for use indoors or outdoors and has thick, dark material that keeps the colors inside secret until the big reveal. A string seals the bottom of the bag and is simply pulled to release the balloons on the parents!

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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons


These confetti cannons come in a pack of 6 and are filled with pink or blue confetti that explodes when the bottom is twisted. Unlike the “reveal roulette” pack featured earlier in our round-up, these confetti cannons are all the same color so the baby’s loved ones can set them off at the same time for a fun, photogenic moment.

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Gender Reveal Balloon Box Stickers


Packing helium-filled, colorful balloons into a large box is one of the most popular ways for families to do a gender reveal. This sticker pack lets parents add a little flair to plain cardboard boxes or cover markings on a box that’s being reused. The large stickers measure up to 10- by 13-inches and come in a pack of 14 to add major oomph to your reveal.