5 Pregnancy Dates To Experience Before You’re Due

by admin

5 Pregnancy Dates To Experience Before You’re Due

Clock some quality time with your partner before the baby comes, and diapers, breast pumps and two-hour sleep schedules become prominent in your life.

Cook Together

Don't worry if you aren't professional chefs or foodies. Anyone can be a cook, and it's fun to cook together. Choose a few new recipes online or from your favorite cookbooks and spend an evening grocery shopping, chopping and sauteing. Take extra time to savor the cooking time together without taking a break to nurse a baby—and trying hard not to drop crumbs on baby's head!

Be Day Trippers

Jump in the car and take a day trip. Whether you choose a cute town for shopping or a state park for a hike, make sure that it's a few hours away. Let's face it: When baby comes, you can still take a day trip, but the amount of planning and packing that must go into it can sometimes seem overwhelming to new (and sleepy) parents. Enjoy your trip now, when you can just jump in the car and hit the road, stopping only for pregnancy-required potty breaks. Cherish the quiet car and go ahead and make random stops along the way.

Have a Meal…a Long One

Have you been itching to try out the newest restaurant in the city? Plan a time when you can enjoy a long meal together. Order multiple courses, and don't forget dessert. Enjoy the opportunity to eat a meal without feeling rushed, and without needing to stand up and bounce a fussy newborn. Have fun chatting with each other without glancing over to make sure your baby is still sleeping, or calling the babysitter to check in. Bon appétit!

Spend Time with Friends

During your first few months of postpartum time, you might feel isolated from your usual group of pals. Store up extra time with your friends by planning an afternoon or evening together. Do something that you all enjoy, but make sure that you have plenty of time to chat and catch up.

Go to a Concert or a Movie

Head out to see your favorite band or catch the latest movie with your partner before baby makes her arrival. Depending on when you get a sitter, you might not be able to catch your favorite song or hit up the local cineplex for a few months at least. And, when you do have a post-baby date night, you might be sneaking out to pump in the bathroom. So for now, grab your fanciest shoes and sing at the top of your lungs for this date night.