Ask Denene: Maternity Leave Etiquette

by Denene Millner

Ask Denene: Maternity Leave Etiquette

I'd love to drop by my workplace and show off my baby while I'm on maternity leave, but what are the rules?

Tempting as it may be to pull your stroller up to each cubicle for that "ooh" and "aah" moment, try to resist. Not everyone will have the time, and for some, that's the stuff of nightmares: You standing over their desk, shoving a baby into their arms and waiting for tepid coochie-coos. The secret to a successful visit is to get in, then right back out. A week ahead, have one of your closest coworkers send out an e-mail: Mary's coming by on Tuesday with her new baby; we'll be in the conference room at 11:50 if you want to say hi. Then, on the big day, receive guests for 15 minutes, tops, before heading off-premises for lunch with your besties. That way, you won't be standing around all awkward, wondering where Bob and Dina could be, and the people who really want to see the baby — and you! — will get their fill.

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