Don’t Feel Guilty During Your Pregnancy

by Editors

Don’t Feel Guilty During Your Pregnancy

Mother guilt kicks in as early as pregnancy, but don’t feel guilty about these things while you wait for Baby’s arrival.


Congratulations, Mama! Whether it is your first pregnancy or your fifth, you may have noticed some guilty feelings creeping in. Don’t let a few decisions ruin your 40 weeks. Trust me, there will be plenty of time for feeling guilty after Baby arrives. It’s a part of being a mom! Here are a few things that shouldn’t keep you up at night:


Eating a Big Mac (or an entire tray of taco dip)


Yes, you want to keep your weight gain down to healthy levels throughout your pregnancy, but sometimes the hormones and stress create a perfect storm that only a Big Mac will tame. Enjoy your craving, and then eat healthier throughout the week.


Having some Joe


If you are a caffeine junkie, you might find it difficult (and uncomfortable) to ditch coffee as soon as you get pregnant. Talk to your doctor about switching to one cup a day, and then ask if it is healthy for you and your pregnancy to grab an afternoon half-caf pickup. Most doctors suggest limiting your caffeine intake to 200 mg a day.


Rolling your eyes at every birth story


Why is it that moms must recount their birth stories to every pregnant woman in a 30-mile radius? Well, now that I am a mom, I have to catch myself from launching into the story of my son’s arrival at every baby shower. It’s okay that you don’t want to hear all about your great aunt’s C-section or your hairstylist’s natural water birth. Nod politely and think about nursery colors instead of listening.


Spending some cash on clothes


If you are thrifty or if this is not your first pregnancy, you might think spending money on maternity clothes that you will only wear for a few months is not wise. Sister, you are so wrong. Comfy clothes are a must, and there’s something to be said about wearing cute clothes when you feel as big as a house. Cute maternity clothes can turn a bad day into a good one, and it is worth the money to be a happy pregnant lady for as long as you can. Plus, realistically, you will be in some of your maternity clothes for months after the arrival of your little one.


Half listening to advice


Oh goodness, everyone has advice for you, don’t they? The checker at the grocery store will tell you what to eat to induce labor; your friends will tell you the best position for breastfeeding; and your neighbor will tell you how to lose the baby weight quicker. Everyone has an opinion, and if you find yourself only half listening, don’t feel guilty. You need to find a way to filter the loads of (and sometimes conflicting) information that is coming at you at warp speed.


Sneaking in a nap


If this is your first pregnancy, sleep when you can. If you fall asleep at 7 p.m. on the couch and only wake to move to bed at 10, good for you. If you fall asleep while reading about nursery decor or baby names, give yourself a high five. You are growing a human and have done more than anyone else in the room today just by lying there. Don’t feel bad about sleeping; your body needs it. Now, if this is not your first pregnancy, napping gets a little bit harder when you are chasing around a toddler or two. If you let your kiddo watch another episode of “Sesame Street” so you can catch a few Z’s, no worries. You are a good mom, albeit a sleepy one.


Skipping the birth plan


If developing a birth plan seems too overwhelming for you or if you just don’t think it’s necessary, it is okay. Everyone’s delivery is different and unique, and a birth plan is not required for a healthy and smooth delivery. Your OB or midwife knows what to do, and women have been delivering babies for centuries without their favorite kind of music playing in the background.


Watching the scale


If you have gained too much or not enough weight during your pregnancy, don’t worry. As long as you and Baby are healthy and progressing naturally, don’t beat yourself up for your body’s changes during the past 40 weeks. Instead, focus on getting back to a healthy weight after Baby arrives.


Skipping the workout


I wanted to be the cute pregnant lady who ran through her entire pregnancy. However, after experiencing morning sickness during the first trimester and hip pain during the last trimester, I was not happily jogging through the neighborhood sporting my cute bump. Instead, I was lucky to waddle down the driveway to grab the mail. If you find that your workouts are sidelined due to pregnancy symptoms or just a general lack of motivation, don’t beat yourself up. It might be harder to get your mileage up to where it was pre-pregnancy, but you will get there after Baby arrives, and you will feel proud when you do.