Mom-to-Be Mobility

by Jennifer Tzeses

Mom-to-Be Mobility

Important tips for traveling while pregnant

Whether you’re on the road or on a plane, you now need to take extra care. “The changes in your body can cause low blood sugar, fatigue, and swelling,” says Gail Raymon, a certified nurse-midwife in Columbia, MO. To keep your trip comfortable:

Plan ahead. Before leaving, see your doctor or midwife. Many airlines restrict pregnant women from flying late in the third trimester. Also, take a copy of your medical and/or any prenatal-care records.

Drink up. Carry a water bottle, especially on an airplane; flying can be dehydrating and you need to consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to help prevent bladder infections.

Maintain mobility. Sitting still can impede blood flow, causing feet and ankles to swell. If you’re driving, stop about every two hours to walk around for 15 minutes or so. Stroll down the aisles of a plane or train as frequently as you can.

Pack a snack. Eat about every three hours to avoid low bloodsugar and boost energy levels. Snacks that contain protein and complex carbohydrates — such as a peanut butter sandwich — keep your blood sugar stable.

Stay comfy. When flying, request a bulkhead seat (usually the first seat in the first row) for more leg room. Ask for extra pillows for your back and neck. And always position your seat belt under your belly and over your hips.