Pregnancy Confessions: Real Moms Fess Up

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Pregnancy Confessions: Real Moms Fess Up

I recently confessed to a friend that even though I'm thrilled to be the mom of a happy, healthy 7-year-old boy, the nine months I spent carrying him were not what I thought they'd be. I knew I wasn't the only one with a pregnancy confession, so I checked in with some other moms to see what they had to get off their chests.

"When I was pregnant, my husband would always offer to make me nutritious breakfasts, but I declined, explaining I had morning sickness. But the truth is, I couldn't wait for him to leave so I could scarf cold pizza or a tuna sandwich the minute he left for work. Once I made mac 'n' cheese from the box. My strange breakfasts were my little secret throughout my pregnancy." 

—Cheryl, 31

"I drank coffee, ate cold cut sandwiches, put feta on my salads and even sneaked Diet Cokes. My rule of thumb was moderation." 

—Renee, 28

"By the time my second trimester rolled around, I was so horny. I wanted sex all the time. When my husband wasn't around to help me out, I took care of business on my own. Sex while pregnant was the best sex of my life." 

—Cara, 27

"My husband and I—well, my husband—is really good about balancing our checkbook, cutting coupons before grocery shopping and making sure there's enough going into our IRA every month. If he knew I spent around $179 on designer maternity jeans, he'd probably freak out." 

—Kellie, 29

"I didn't read 'What To Expect When You're Expecting,' but I did bookmark pages to make my husband think I was brushing up on everything." 

—Laura, 22

"My husband and I come from super-conservative families, so we didn't tell them I was actually pregnant before we got married, until the baby arrived "early." By then, no one cared because our little Gracie stole the show." 

—Sandra, 28

"I didn't like being pregnant! At all! Everyone says it's magical, but I had heartburn, swollen ankles, hemorrhoids and gained 42 pounds. I'm happy to be a mom to a healthy infant, but I would have skipped the pregnant part if I could have." 

—Beth, 40