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Pregnancy Confessions: Real Moms Fess Up

  • "When I was pregnant, my husband would always offer to make me nutritious breakfasts, but I declined, explaining I had morning sickness. But the truth is, I couldn't wait for him to leave so I could scarf cold pizza or a tuna sandwich the minute he left for work. Once I made mac 'n' cheese from the box. My strange breakfasts were my little secret throughout my pregnancy." 

    —Cheryl, 31

  • "I drank coffee, ate cold cut sandwiches, put feta on my salads and even sneaked Diet Cokes. My rule of thumb was moderation." 

    —Renee, 28

  • "By the time my second trimester rolled around, I was so horny. I wanted sex all the time. When my husband wasn't around to help me out, I took care of business on my own. Sex while pregnant was the best sex of my life." 

    —Cara, 27

  • "My husband and I—well, my husband—is really good about balancing our checkbook, cutting coupons before grocery shopping and making sure there's enough going into our IRA every month. If he knew I spent around $179 on designer maternity jeans, he'd probably freak out." 

    —Kellie, 29

  • "I didn't read 'What To Expect When You're Expecting,' but I did bookmark pages to make my husband think I was brushing up on everything." 

    —Laura, 22

  • "My husband and I come from super-conservative families, so we didn't tell them I was actually pregnant before we got married, until the baby arrived "early." By then, no one cared because our little Gracie stole the show." 

    —Sandra, 28

  • "I didn't like being pregnant! At all! Everyone says it's magical, but I had heartburn, swollen ankles, hemorrhoids and gained 42 pounds. I'm happy to be a mom to a healthy infant, but I would have skipped the pregnant part if I could have." 

    —Beth, 40