Moms Reach Almost Peak Human Endurance During Pregnancy: Here Are 11 Ways to Treat Yourself

by Hilary Braaksma

Moms Reach Almost Peak Human Endurance During Pregnancy: Here Are 11 Ways to Treat Yourself
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You read that right—not only have researchers found out what exactly constitutes peak human endurance (hint: it has to do with metabolic rates), but they’ve also discovered that pregnant women almost reach the endurance limit just by existing. So if you feel like you’re climbing a mountain while making a baby, it’s not your imagination! You really are doing the most, mama. So what does a pregnant lady do with this scientific discovery? Use it to treat themselves to a little bit of prenatal R&R of course. Here are 11 awesome products to treat yourself to during pregnancy. You deserve it.

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Mamamio Megamama Super Rich Omega Body Lotion


Practicing skin safety during pregnancy can be tricky, but Mamamio products take the guesswork out of it by creating luxurious, safe products for mamas that have natural nourishing ingredients. Treat yourself to some TLC with this omega-rich body cream that keeps your stretching and changing skin glowing, gorgeous and hydrated.

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Mommee Coffee


A small boost of caffeine can help you keep going when you feel completely exhausted, and this coffee designed for pregnant moms does just that. Boost your energy with Mommee Coffee, with low acid for your sensitive stomach and has one-quarter the caffeination of a regular cup of coffee, to keep you from overdoing it or feeling nauseated.

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Belabumbum Mama Embroidered Maternity Robe


After a long day of reaching peak endurance, relax and unwind in this gorgeous, soft jersey cotton robe—or lounge around in it all day long, we aren’t judging. This comfortable, flattering robe is perfect for pregnancy and beyond, and is embroidered with your special VIP title “Mama.”

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Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil


This 100 percent natural body oil was created specifically for moms-to-be who suffer from tight, stretched skin. It keeps you feeling soft, conditioned and revitalized all pregnancy long. Douse yourself in this lightly lemon-scented oil and relax for a while.

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Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow


It can be difficult to get a good night of sleep during pregnancy, and we’re sure that doesn’t help the exhaustion that already comes with the job. Help yourself get a better night of sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed with a comfortable, cozy body pillow like this Snoogle full-body pregnancy pillow.

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Pink Stork Magnesium Bath Soak


Doctors advise against soaking in a hot tub too long during pregnancy, but a warm bath can help soothe you after a long day of growing your precious bundle of joy. Add a sprinkling of these magnesium bath salts for moms-to-be, which help soothe aches and pains, calm nausea and relieve stress and anxiety.

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Angel Maternity Floral Maternity and Nursing Pajamas


These maternity pajamas are so gorgeous and relaxing that they should be the mandatory mom-to-be uniform. The lightweight wrap-top pajamas have soft, flowy material and a pretty pattern that may make you want to keep them on forever—just don’t be surprised if you get side-eyed if you show up at the office or the grocery store in these.

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Secrets of Tea Relaxing Pregnancy Tea


This delicious and refreshing maternity tea is made to help pregnant mamas relax, de-stress and get a better night’s sleep. This prenatal tea is made with safe and natural ingredients, no preservatives, no alcohol and no sugar so you know you’re giving your growing baby only the best.

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My Sheets Rock The Regulator Temperature-Regulating Sheets


Sleep is such a precious commodity when you’re growing a tiny human, but it can be hard to get comfortable enough to get the rest you deserve. These sheets have been expertly designed by engineers and textile vets with decades of experience to make bedtime as comfortable as possible. The Regulator sheets are sustainably built with 100% bamboo rayon to maintain cooler temps (which is crucial for quality sleep), wick away moisture and minimize odor (which is a blessing to sweaty mamas with sensitive noses).

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HATCH Maternity Relax Wellness Oil


This soothing aromatherapy rollerball is safe for pregnancy and perfect for the stress and anxiety that can come with this life-changing event. The skin-friendly blend is alcohol-free, lightly scented for sensitive pregnancy noses and infused with lavender extracts, which are known to promote calmness.

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Boss Mama Long Sleeve by Checka


Once you do the work of delivering your baby, you'll likely feel quite empowered, tired, but empowered. What better way to celebrate than with an awesome and comfy sweatshirt. Athleisure is pretty much a mom's go to uniform and this Boss Mama long sleeve is lightweight and perfect for layering...running errands or going to the gym, this long sleeve is a staple for any mama's closet!