15 ct. Octagon Cut Green Amethyst and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 14KY 6

Appeal to her vintage taste with this thoughtful octagon green amethyst ring. Crafted in lustrous 14-karat yellow gold, this beautiful style features a whopping amethyst center stone, while pretty diamonds decorate the split shank. Captivating with a brilliant shine, this pretty ring is destined to be treasured. What is the history of amethyst? Amethysts are a variety of quartz. The stone, part of the hexagonal crystal system, is found in a wide range from light to a variety of quartz. The stone, part of the hexagonal crystal system, is found in a wide range from light to dark shades. Most amethysts are sourced from Africa or South America with the largest deposits occurring in Brazil. The stone can be traced back to ancient times where it was highly valued and worn by historic saints, high priests and monarchs. What is the meaning of amethyst? The word "amethyst" comes from a Greek word that means "not drunken" because the stone was thought to counter the effects of alcohol. It is also believed to aid with moderation in general and keeping a balanced mind. Is amethyst a birthstone? Romantic amethyst is the birthstone of lucky ladies born in February. Gorgeous on everyone, the ring makes an especially sweet and on-point gift for those celebrating their birthday in the month of February. It can also be gifted as a luxurious Valentine's Day present. What makes diamonds special? You already know the answer to this one! Diamonds are one of the most coveted gemstones for good reason. Rare and valuable, the luxurious colorless gems look good with literally everything. They are also the most popular pick for engagement rings and wedding bands, making them symbol of romance, loyalty and love. Is diamond a birthstone? Yes, diamond is the birthstone of the month of April and said to symbolize clarity, harmonious relationships, inner strength and balance. It makes for a perfect gift for engagements and 60th anniversaries. What is the history of diamonds? Diamonds have always been a sign of wealth, worn by elite classes and wealthy rulers-but in addition to being displayed as adornment and good luck charms, diamonds were also used as carving tools and even digested as medicine. The first diamonds were found in India and traded along the Silk Road, but as the supply dwindled in South Asia, other countries, including Brazil and South America, became the new suppliers. Today, production has increased to about 100 million carats per year across the globe. What inspired the design? This design has been inspired by the green sea, its crystal-clear waters, purity and its beauty. All these qualities resonate with this ring which makes a splendid addition to your jewelry collection. read more