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Amanti Art Full Length Mirror | Eva White Silver Mirror Full Length | Full Body Mirror | On The Door Mirror 19.38 x 53.38 in.

DIMENSIONS: The overall size of this full-length mirror measures 19.38 x 53.38 inches, including the frame. Its reflective area measures 14.00 x 48.00 inches. The mirror works perfectly as a door mirror, full size mirror or large mirror on the wall. The mirror itself is not beveled, for full use of the reflective area. QUALITY FRAMING: You can't mistake the quality of handmade mirrors for your wall decor. The Eva White Silver frame is a smooth, matte white, wide flaquality of handmade mirrors for your wall decor. The Eva White Silver frame is a smooth, matte white, wide flat frame with a polished silver edge and recessed inner lip. The frame measures 2.98 x 1.15 inches. All Amanti Art wall mirrors are finished with a paper backing to prevent moisture and dust buildup. ON THE DOOR PLACEMENT: We make it very easy for you to hang this full-length mirror on any door without unsightly over the door brackets. Each mirror has durable D rings attached to the back along with 2 hanging hooks and nails to tap directly into your door or wall. The D rings hang easily on each hook without additional anchors or brackets. Our nail/hook combination works well on traditional walls, solid doors, and even hollow core doors. HANDMADE IN THE USA: Amanti Art hand makes all our decorative mirrors in Madison, WI. Every member of our team is trained to handle and inspect each aspect of the custom framing journey. We hand-carry your piece from one finishing station to the next, then carefully pack it to ensure it reaches you in the finest condition. Because our focus is on workmanship, our products are used by architects, developers, designers and homeowners alike to create beautiful living spaces. GREAT WAYS TO USE A DOOR MIRROR: A tall mirror is perfect for full-body viewing. It can be hung on the back of a closet, bathroom or bedroom door as an easy and space saving way to see your entire reflection. In a foyer or living room, it works not only for image viewing, but also makes your space appear larger and more inviting if placed to reflect other home decor elements or light. read more