Anni Arts

Mod Scandi Holiday Bird Cut-n-Make Book: Scandinavian Christmas Paper Crafts in Mod Folksy Style on Gift Bags, Wraps, Tags and Cards (Volume 8)

The Anni Arts printable crafts are now available in a Cut-n-Make Book. Easy, pre-printed paper crafts in full colour are ready to cut, glue and make. No need to print! Stylized and Mod Scandi Holiday Bird clip art in the spirit of playful mid-century designs are on paper crafts like handmade cards, little gift bags, choc wrappers and decor for 'Jul' celebrations. A folksy bird is joined by 60’s daisies, hearts and a decorative tree and angel. The popular contemporarions. A folksy bird is joined by 60’s daisies, hearts and a decorative tree and angel. The popular contemporary look that is broadly referred to as folksy Scandi style, goes back to illustrations of the 60’s and 70’s. Designers in Scandinavia were inspired by traditional Scandinavian folk art and reinterpreted motifs for a bold, colourful and updated folk look. The crafts have instructions on the printed pages themselves, and there is a section with general instructions and tips too. However, the crafts are so easy that non-English crafters will also be able to make them without the need for the instructions. Only the most basic craft equipment is needed: scissors, glue, a paper scorer and hole punch are sufficient. The crafts are beautifully designed to form a coordinated series and small elements can be applied in a mix and match manner. There are free printable downloads too, with further items that coordinate with the designs in the book (there are always items that didn't fit in the book). Follow the link in the book for an additional envelope, wrapping paper, little gift box and tags. There is also a separate set of Mod Scandi Holiday Bird designs that can be purchased as digi downloads to print. These include a 3D paper craft mug, card kit, boxes, papers and more. And fun ready-to-buy Holiday Bird products are available as physical items too. God Jul! read more