APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS X 750VA Tower/Rack 120V with Network Card

Protects electronic equipment from power disruptionskeep your electronic equipment protected through blackouts, brownouts, surges, and other power disturbances with APC Smart-UPS. The generous runtime while on battery and the option to add external battery packs allows you to continue working during medium and extended-length power outages. If you need to add extra runtime during an outage, attach plug-and-pay external batteries for clean, uninterrupted power.providd extra runtime during an outage, attach plug-and-pay external batteries for clean, uninterrupted power.providing a greater level of control This UPS has three switchable outlet groups that allows individual control separate from the UPS. Allowing the ability to reboot hung devices, program sequenced on and off and non-critical load shedding of equipment.automatic voltage regulation (A VR) adjusts high and low voltages to a safe level, ensuring your equipment has reliable power and preserving the life of the battery. The pure sine WAVE output while on battery provides the highest Degree of Compatibility for active Power Factor corrected (PFC) servers and sensitive electronics.green mode reduces power consumptionoperate efficiently with the Smart-UPS Green mode, conserving energy without sacrificing any protection when power quality is within optimal levels and power conditioning is not necessary. The UPS will enter and exit Green mode automatically, ensuring you are always operating at the highest level of efficiency while saving power reducing utility costs, and generating less heat. To help you monitor your energy usage, This UPS has an energy meter that provides actual kilowatt-hours of usage.intelligent battery management maximizes performance easy battery Maintenance, this Smart-UPS provides a predictive month and year for when battery replacement is recommended. It also prolongs battery life by regulating the charge voltage in relation to battery temperature. Detect faulty batteries with the Periodic battery self-test and disconnected battery notification.bright LCD interface is easy to operatequickly view the UPS utility status thanks to multiple status indicators on the bright, Easy-to-read LCD interface. It provides clear, accurate information in multiple language options, and the intuitive navigation keys make it simple to configure settings. This UPS can be configured to shut down and reboot connected equipment in a pre-determined order.powerchute software provides safe system shutdowndesigned for exceptional usability, powerful business edition software provides safe system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage while preventing potential data corruption. It's fast and easy to install, and you can tailor settings to meet your individual needs. Find cost savings by using powerful to monitor your equipment's energy consumption.what's in the box:apc Smart-UPS SMX750NC, with preinstalled AP9631 with temperature and humidity sensor, CD with powerful business edition software, documentation CD, rack-mounting brackets, removable support feet, and USB cable. read more