The Best Pacifiers You Can Buy for Baby

Picking the best pacifier for newborns can be a tough choice.There are pacifier pros and cons, so it's important to find one that meets current safety standards — durable, easy-to-clean material, one-piece pacifier design to prevent parts from coming dislodged and a shape that promotes healthy mouth development. We found the best pacifiers brands on the market right now from the likes of Philips Avent, Munchkin, Dr. Brown's and more.

Best Pacifiers Philips Avent Soothie photo

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Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

These silicone Philips Soothie pacifiers are the brand distributed to newborns in hospitals in the U.S., so you can count on them to be safe and durable. This baby pacifier is BPA- and latex-free, easy to clean and has a smooth one-piece design that meets safety standards for little ones. ($4 for two;

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Best Pacifiers Ryan & Rose Amazon Pacifier photo

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Ryan & Rose CutiePAT Pacifier & Teether

This pacifier from Ryan & Rose is a two-in-one — it also functions as a teether for babies. Silicone design makes this pretty pacifier safe and comfortable for your little one, and it's dishwasher-safe for cleaning. The adorable Amazon Choice silicone soother comes in multiple colors. ($12;

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Best Pacifiers Dr. Brown's Pacifier photo

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Dr. Brown's Stage 1 One-Piece Pacifier

If you use Dr. Brown's baby bottles, adding a Dr. Brown's pacifier to the mix will be a smooth transition, thanks to the fact that the nipple of the pacifier is designed to feel like that of the Dr. Brown's bottle. The one-piece silicone design makes it smooth, soft and dishwasher safe. ($5 for 3;

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Best Pacifiers Doddle & Co. Pottery Barn Kids photo

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Doddle & Co. Pop Silicone Pacifier

Doddle & Co.'s Pop pacifiers come in colorful two-packs, are made of dishwasher-safe silicone and are designed to keep your baby safe from germs. The nipple on this pacifier is designed to pop into a protective shell whenever the binky is dropped or tossed by your little one. Genius! ($18 for two;

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Best Pacifiers Philips Avent Ultra Air Pacifier photo

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Philips Avent Ultra Air Pacifier

For babies with sensitive skin, this lighter-weight, more breathable design can help prevent rashes from sweat or spit. This soft, silicone pacifier helps keep babies' skin dry and comes with a convenient protective carrying case for storing in your purse or diaper bag. ($6 for two;

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Best Pacifiers Nanobebe Flexy Pacifier photo

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NanoBebe Flexy Pacifier

This Amazon Choice pacifier has a soft silicone body and "stay-put" design that helps the binky stay in your little one's mouth. This sturdy, easy-to-clean pacifier comes in four adorable color options. ($6 for two;

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Best Pacifiers Evenflo Balance Plus photo

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Evenflo Balance Plus Pacifier

Evenflo's Balance+ Pacifier is made with babies' natural tongue position in mind for comfortable soothing and healthy development. These silicone pacifiers are easy to clean, flexible and BPA-free. ($4 for two;

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Best Pacifiers Etsy Oli Pacifier photo

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OLI Pacifier

The OLI pacifier is made of medical grade silicone, so it's easy to clean and resistant to mold and bacteria growth. This pretty pacifier is designed to mimic the shape of a mother's breast, making it one of the best pacifiers for breastfeeding babies to avoid nipple confusion. This trendy, modern-looking binky comes in a range of cute colors. ($8;

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Best Pacifiers Munchkin Natural Latch Pacifier photo

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Munchkin Latch Natural Shape Pacifier

This Munchkin Latch Natural Shape pacifier is designed by pediatric dentists and moms for a safe, soothing comfortable fit for your little one. Made of lightweight silicone, this pacifier stays in baby's mouth easily and leaves an open space for little noses. ($5 for two;

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Best Pacifiers Rubber Pacifier Amazon Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Pacifier photo

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Natursutten BPA-Free Natural Pacifier

All-natural mamas will appreciate this retro-looking (but very modern) take on the pacifier. Made of natural rubber and created by a family business in Italy, these pacifiers are soft, durable and high-quality. Note: Because they're rubber, it's important to avoid these if you think your baby may have a latex allergy and opt for silicone instead. ($12;

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