Stylish, Durable and Safe Teething Necklaces for Babies and Toddlers

A baby accessory that's kind of for us, too? We'll take it. Teething necklaces are a great hands-free way to keep your little one occupied while they're being held. Plus, you don't have to worry about them dropping teething toys on dirty surfaces, and they're a safe alternative for teething babies who love to chew on mom and dad's not-so-safe metal jewelry. Check out some of our favorite teething necklaces to give baby relief from Amazon, Etsy, Macy's and more.

Best Teething Necklaces Wooden Teething Necklace from Etsy photo

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Best Natural Wood Teething Necklace: Ash Natural Wood and Silicone Teething Necklace

This trendy, earthy-looking teething necklace is made of natural wood beads, silicone beads and satin cord for a luxurious necklace with a natural vibe. This teething necklace is made for mama to wear, but it has a safety breakaway clasp to protect baby in case they get ahold of it on their own — or tug a little too hard when it's around your neck! ($15;

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Best Teething Necklaces Silicone Baby Teething Necklace with Jewelry Bag photo

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Best Teething Necklace with Protective Bag: Goobie Baby Silicone Teething Necklace

This 14-inch drop teething necklace is made of smooth silicone parts and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including trendy marble. This stylish solution for teething babies also comes with a cute protective bag, so you can keep the necklace attached to your diaper bag or in a jewelry box without collecting dust and germs. ($17;

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Best Teething Necklaces Chewbeads Junior Toddler Teething Necklace photo

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Best Teething Necklace for Toddlers: Chewbeads Juniorbeads Rainbow Necklace

Get your toddler in on trendy teething necklaces with this junior version from Chewbeads! This toddler teething necklace is made for kids 3 years and older — babies and younger toddlers should never wear anything around their necks, as it presents a choking and strangulation hazard. Older toddlers who are still working on teeth or love to chew on their accessories can use this safe necklace while supervised. ($24;

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Best Teething Necklaces Three Teething Necklaces Teal and Black photo

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Best Dishwasher Safe Teething Necklace: Bumkins Sasso Silicone Teething Necklace

One obvious downside of wearing a necklace for your baby to chew on is that it can get kind of, well, gross. Between the slobber, snot and rogue animal cracker crumbs, teething necklaces can get pretty dirty. Luckily, this gorgeous silicone option is safe to wash on the top rack of your dishwasher. ($25;

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Best Teething Necklaces Men's Black and Grey Dog Tag Silicone Teething Necklace photo

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Best Teething Necklace for Dads: Chewbeads Dad Dog Tag Teething Necklace

Let dad take on teething duty with this stylish and subtle dog tag designed teething necklace. This teething necklace for dads has a breakaway clasp for safety and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It's a teething remedy the whole family can get behind. ($17;

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Best Teething Necklace Grey and Teal Teething Necklace for Babies photo

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Best Adjustable Teething Necklace: Lofca Silicone Teething Necklace

If you're looking for a soothing teething necklace for babies, this one is pretty cool, literally — it's safe to pop this teething necklace in the fridge or freezer to give your baby a cooling effect as they chew. The wearer also gets to decide how long this teething necklace is, thanks to the adjustable length. ($9;

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Best Teething Necklaces Silicone and Wood Blush Pink and Gray Teething Necklace photo

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Best Boho Teething Necklace: Anjie + Ash Harmony Silicone Teething Jewelry

This beautiful boho style teething necklace has sophisticated, subtle colors and light wood accents that will blend into most wardrobes with ease. This soft, safe teething material has been third-party tested for child safety and is designed for kids 0 to 5 years old. ($28;

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Best Teething Necklaces Itzy Ritzy Teething Happens Silicone Necklace photo

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Best Statement Teething Necklace: Itzy Ritzy Teething Happens Silicone Necklace

If your personal style leans more toward statement necklaces than strands of beads, this silicone pendant necklace is a great choice for moms of teething tots. It comes in multiple colors and styles, has a breakaway plastic clasp for safety, is made with food grade silicone and can be cleaned in the top shelf of the dishwasher. ($10;

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Best Teething Necklaces SUBANG Chewing Necklaces from Amazon photo

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Best Multipack of Teething Necklaces: SUBANG Chewing Necklaces

Want to switch up your teething necklace style without breaking the bank or making multiple purchases? Try out this set of six versatile, colorful teething necklaces that are dishwasher safe and made of food grade silicone.For moms who are '80s babies themselves, these pendant hues really pop! ($15;

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