What's in Her Bag? Our Editor's Top Diaper Bag Essentials

Transitioning from carrying just your personal items around to toting a diaper bag full of your baby's needs and wants can be a hassle. Here, our editor breaks down the contents of her diaper bag to show us her favorite tips and tricks for keeping it all together.


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Fawn Diaper Bag

My diaper bag is a Fawn Design Original diaper bag in black. I chose this bag after a friend recommended it, and I love it for quite a few reasons. First of all (and most importantly for me) it doesn't look like a diaper bag. I love that I'm able to go from weekend outings with my family and back to work on Monday without worrying about switching bags, since the design is so unassuming. Despite looking like an anytime bag, the design is awesome for baby duty. It's super roomy, easy to wipe down, has tons of pockets, and can be carried messenger bag or backpack style. The best part is this investment will last long after my little is out of diapers—I've already decided this diaper bag will be the perfect carry-on for years to come! ($160; fawndesign.com)

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Spectra Breast Pump

I was loyal to way bulkier, much more expensive breast pump brands before I decided to go ahead and try this little number the third time around. I was skeptical when it showed up in the mail (it seemed so small in comparison to previous models I used), but I was pleasantly surprised. This rechargeable double pump is so slim and lightweight that it can fit along with all of the accessories included (two pumps, two bottles, and a charger) in my diaper bag with plenty of room leftover. Getting away to pump at work or in public is easier (and more discreet) than ever! ($250; spectrababyusa.com)

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EOS Lip Balm

I love having a roomy diaper bag, but I'd be lying if I said there weren't some downsides to all that room. A major one? Digging for tiny everyday items when I'm on the go—which is part of the reason I like having this lip balm in my bag. The size is bigger than a traditional lip balm, and the unique shape makes it easy to find when I'm rushing around. ($4; kohls.com)

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Hand Sanitizer

Germs can wreak havoc on tiny, little babies, which is why I always carry hand sanitizer in my bag to use when we're out and about to keep my hands clean. It's a lifesaver after handling questionable grocery carts and door handles, and it's great to have on hand for my older kids, who seem to constantly put their little hands on the yuckiest surfaces. ($1; target.com)

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Munch Mitt

There is nothing more disheartening than watching your fussy baby drop their teething toy on the dirty ground. Do you try to rinse it off and give it back to them? Do you just put it back in the diaper bag and hope there isn't some rogue bacteria that will infest everything else in the bag? This teething toy is worn as a glove that you strap on to their hand, so dropping it isn't an option—and it's perfect for babies who can't seem to keep their hands out of their mouth. My favorite thing about this is that it's machine washable, so keeping it clean is easy. ($15; munchmitt.com)

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Travel-Size Perfume

Not sure if anyone has told you, but babies can be pretty disgusting. By extension, that means I can be kind of disgusting, too. In an ideal world, my skin would be glowing, my hair would be bouncing, and there wouldn't be spit-up on my shirt. In the real world, time is crunched and I'm a mess, but at least I can smell nice. Having a travel-size perfume on hand always makes me feel a little bit better when I'm not at my most put-together. I love Modern Muse because it's a grown-up scent, but still fun enough to put a little pep in my step. ($26; macys.com)

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Packit Mini Cooler

Packit makes breast milk coolers, but because it's in my nature to prefer items that are multi-use, I have their frozen mini lunch bag to tote my breast milk around in. It's 8" x 8", so it's small enough to fit in my diaper bag without taking up much space, it folds flat to freeze (so no need for ice packs!), and it keeps contents cold for the whole day. Despite its small size, I have managed to fit three to four bags of milk, a small snack for me, and the pump parts I want to keep cold and sterile. ($16; bedbathandbeyond.com)

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Milk Storage Bags

I always keep my milk storage bags in my diaper bag so I'm sure to have them on hand. I can fit 50 of these in my bag with everything else and take up hardly any room. The bag opening can be slipped over the bottle-screw top part of your pump for convenient milk collection, they can be laid flat to optimize space, and they have clear labeling for easy organization. ($10 for 100; amazon.com)

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Madewell Wallet

Not only does this wallet look like it was made to match my black Fawn bag, but it's the perfect size for putting in a coat pocket or stroller storage when I don't feel like lugging my entire diaper bag around on a quick errand. The wallet's design is sleek and minimalist—the zipper pouch opens to a few card slots, with just enough space for some cash, loose change, a car key, or other small items. The option to add a gold imprinted monogram makes this quality basic feel a little bit more luxurious. ($30; madewell.com)

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Tula Blanket

These 47" x 47" baby blankets are the perfect size for swaddling newborns, laying over infant carriers for shade, spreading out for comfy playing or quick diaper changing, using as a nursing cover, and more. Not only are they incredibly versatile, Tula blankets are super soft and come in adorable patterns. They're also easily folded up and stored in your bag when not in use. ($25; babytula.com)

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