Gear & More You Didn't Realize You Needed for Ages 1-3

Your little baby isn't a baby anymore! Make sure you're prepared for the toddler years with gear and toys you didn't realize you needed for children aged one to three.

Large Sensory Table photo

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Large Sensory Table

The toddler years are full of learning opportunities. Make the most of these formative years by adding a sensory table to the playroom. Sensory tables are great for encouraging exploration while using materials children can touch, smell, see, and hear. This sensory table is built with a sturdy plastic tub and chrome steel frame, and it can hold up to 50 pounds of sand. ($130;

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Gray Mini Mat

Once your child is into the "feeding themselves" stage, things can get pretty messy pretty quickly. Attempt a mess-free mealtime with your tot by using some handy products. This gray mini mat from Crate & Barrel is an all-in-one, BPA-free placemat that suctions to the table, preventing your little one from picking up and tossing his or her plate. Complete with different-size compartments to separate foods, this placemat is great for on-the-go snacking, meals at a restaurant, and at-home feedings. ($20;

attempt a mess-free mealtime

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Travel Booster Seat photo

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Travel Booster Seat

Allow your tot the flexibility to eat wherever you do without the stress of worrying about locating a restaurant's high chair or booster seat. This travel-ready booster seat straps securely to standard dining chairs and holds children up to 50 pounds. Bonus: The hidden storage compartment is great for storing diapers, bottles, and other to-go items. ($35;

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Crayola Color Wonder Markers photo

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Crayola Color Wonder Markers

Great for your creative three-year-old, these color wonder markers are bright, fun, and—best of all—they won't color on skin, furniture, or fabric. All your child needs is compatible paper to unleash their creativity, and you can let your little artist color like crazy without worrying about a mess. Sounds like a parenting win to us! ($5;

inspire creativity with these color wonder markers

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Discovery Box for Sensory Play photo

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Discovery Box for Sensory Play

Inspire your future marine biologist and promote more sensory learning with this ocean exploration discovery box. This fully contained box lets your child enjoy playing and exploring the feel of different materials such as water beads and modeling sand. Meant for children aged three and up, this box comes with a magnifying glass, bubble grabber, rake, and other tools. ($30;

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Aqueduck Faucet Extender photo

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Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Make washing hands and brushing teeth a breeze for your tot with this faucet extender. The extender makes life easier for both parents and children. Instead of lifting your little one to the faucet, now he or she can reach the water stream without the extra boost. The extender attaches to any standard tap, so you can spend less time fumbling with the soap, faucet, and holding your child up to the sink and more time promoting good hand-washing habits. ($15;

make washing hands easier with this faucet extender

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White Squared Up Step Stool photo

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White Squared Up Step Stool

Allow your toddler the flexibility to reach more easily and safely with this single step stool. The versatile step stool can also double as a play chair or a place for you to sit during bath time. Available in mint, white, gray, and gold, this metal stool is easy to coordinate with your existing bathroom decor. ($59;

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Bath Toy Storage Hammock photo

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Bath Toy Storage Hammock

As your baby grows and moves on to the toddler years, bath toys become more and more prevalent. Don't underestimate the storage needed to keep your tot's bath toys organized and out of the way. This bath hammock is made of a stretchy mesh fabric and hooks to the shower walls with suction cups for easy access. Use this storage hammock as a dry place to hang up the bath toys when they're not the stars of your child's imagination. ($8;

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Moby Bath Spout Cover photo

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Moby Bath Spout Cover

Make bath time a fun experience with the right accessories. This spout cover provides easy access to the shower diverter while protecting your little one's head from bumps or scrapes. Use the whale tail to hang the cover on the spout or towel rack to dry off when bath time is over. The only thing missing? A few bath toys to make bath time a breeze. ($13;

say hello to this so-cute spout cover

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