This Literacy Challenge Encourages Your Child to Read — and Supports Kids in Need

There are currently millions of impoverished children nationally who do not have access to books outside of the classroom — but you can help. Join Save the Children's 100 Days of Reading Challenge to provide literacy materials for kids and to help your own child stay on top of their learning during the summer months.

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Join Save the Children's 100 Days of Reading Challenge

Why Save the Children?
It's an unfortunate fact, but millions of American children in poverty do not have access to books and other educational materials in their homes. When these children aren't able to keep up on their reading, they're more likely to fall behind in school compared to their classmates who have books at their disposal. Normally a problem during summer break, the issue has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced kids to remain home without a classroom or library to learn in. And when a child is without a proper education even for just a few months, it can have lasting effects that ripple throughout their lives.

That's where Save the Children comes in. The organization has been advocating for and improving the lives of children both in America and globally for over 100 years, and with your help, it has a plan to improve the literacy of children in poverty. By taking part in the 100 Days of Reading Challenge, you can both improve your own child's literacy outside the classroom and help ensure impoverished children get the educational materials they need.

Here's How You Can Help
Taking the 100 Days of Reading Challenge is simple: Keep your child's mind sharp by reading with them for just 20 minutes a day (or more!) from June 1st to September 8th, otherwise known as World Literacy Day. Log your reading minutes here, and for every minute logged, Save the Children will donate books and other educational materials to those lacking it most — it's that simple. Whether you're a parent or teacher, this informational fact sheet is available to provide more helpful details about the program.

And you're not the only one helping out, either — authors, actors, and celebrities are taking part in the Save with Stories program. Save the Children and No Kids Hungry have partnered with celebrities to challenge each other to read a book and post their storytelling on social media, giving kids and their parents a little educational entertainment while also raising awareness and funds for children impacted by COVID-19. So far, over 250 stories and counting have been read and over 90,000 children have received food and educational resources as a result, and with your help, Save the Children can continue to bring that number even higher.